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Just To Clarify…

Just to clarify…

I have never said that I believe all girls are automatically puck bunnies.

I have recently come under fire for a tweet I sent out that said this:

“Sorry but if you deny being a puck bunny, and I say you should prove it and you say no…you’re a puck bunny. #canucks

Here’s the link to the actual tweet so you can see it for proof.

Now I shouldn’t really have to clarify myself on this because I believe that statement is pretty all encompassing. While there was a bit of an original back story to it, it still applies. HOWEVER, it does not, at all, imply that I assume all girls to be puck bunnies unless they can prove it to me. I definitely do not think that.

In fact, I try very much to avoid puck bunnies as they are one breed of something I like to call a Bandwagoner.

Trust me, there are some MAJOR RED FLAGS that say you are a puckbunny. Me asking you to prove it if you show a bunch of signs is fair and you should just bone up and do it.

Read my piece on bandwagoners HERE! Go through all the female Canucks fans on my Twitter account and I promise you 95% of them aren’t bandwagoners. They’re like the plague to me.

So be calm, cool your fannies and know that things have been clarified.

Merry Christmas! Check out, my new home for blogging on the Canucks.

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