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Spirit Bear & Great Bear Rainforest Saved Thanks to the Power of Persistence


Twenty years ago, a 13-year-old BC boy began an inspiring journey that just so happens to have recently reached its pinnacle moment.

Simon Jackson rose to fame with a TV special that aired in 2005. I must have watched it four or five times. The subject of that special, his quest to save the Spirit Bear or as it’s known by its true name, the Kermode bear, is officially complete.


Simon Jackson

These gorgeous beasts can continue existing because of Simon’s work to save the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. I believe the bear and that land owe Simon their existence. In a day and age where we’re all so consumed by what resources we have, it’s amazing that a young, now 33-year-old Simon could convince the powers that be to make the RIGHT decisions on a matter of this nature.

Back in high school, beginning in 2005 coincidentally, I was president of the Earth Club, which I also founded. Two years later before my graduation, I insisted that we donate some of our club money from recycling, $25o to be exact, to Simon’s organization, the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition. I’m proud to say now that I and the members we had in our club 10+ years ago helped make a difference in the long term.

What really made it come full circle and confirmed to me that donating to the SBYC was actually when I met Simon in 2007 the night I was given a City of Surrey Youth Recognition Award for Community Dedication. Simon was the MC for the awards ceremony and I was lucky enough to have a conversation with him before it all began. Even then, nearly a decade before he’d reach his ultimate goal, I knew I’d just met someone who was in fact going to go on to make a gigantic difference in all of our lives. Have no doubt, this does affect everyone because now the habitat of the Kermode won’t be destroyed, leaving it a desolate wasteland. It means it can forever be enjoyed by people who respect the Earth.

Needless to say, this achievement is solid proof that a young person can do great things if he or she puts his or her mind to it and is dedicated to the cause.

If you’re interested in a summation of the events that have occurred leading up to the recent accomplishment by Simon and what it all means, check out this post. SERIOUSLY, DO IT!!! 

Also make sure to give a looksie at his latest endeavours, CoalitionWILD and Ghost Bear Photography. Better yet, shoot him a follow on Twitter @dSimonJackson.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, peace.

(All photos courtesy Simon Jackson/Ghost Bear Photography)


Replace The KB!

I will be wearing this for the entire competition!

You may be familiar with the Kurtenbloggers, of The Province and Team1040 fame, and they have recently left their respective posts for new ones at Pro Hockey Talk, a part of the NBC Sports Network. Why, hell if I know!

Anyways, the Province Newspaper has dwindled down the applications to become their new resident Canucks/hockey blogger and from out of 90 applicants, I am one of the final 15.

Here’s some proof:

So in the coming weeks, and starting at midnight tonight actually, the competition will be taking place. You can find all the rules in that link, somewhere near the bottom.

The important part for my supporters to know about is when MY posts will be available.

Each Saturday and Sunday are free for all blog days for all the competitors. That means the Province will be promoting everyone’s posts all weekend.

Then from M-F, each day will feature 3 bloggers. This again goes on for 3 weeks. My days are as follows:

Monday, October 31

Wednesday, November 9

Friday, November 18

The final process of judging is TBA but for now, if you would like to support me, I would appreciate you opening up the link I provide via Facebook and Twitter and clicking the thumbs up button if you like what you see. I think you will.

Also, if you choose to RT my posts on twitter, I ask you use the hashtags #ReplaceTheKB and #ProvinceNeedsVancan.

If you are sharing on Facebook, please tag The Vancouver Province by typing @ and immediately the words “The Vancouver Province.”

I am very excited about this and I hope you can be excited for me. Happy trails readers!

How I Hurt Myself at HNIC’s Play On

Yesterday was Day 1 of HNIC’s Play On Street Hockey tournament at Metrotown and I was taking part for the first time. Of course, you only make it to day 2 if you play well enough on Day 1.

Our team was called the W.A.S.P.’s and our first game was at 8:40am. Keep in mind this was the first time any of us had played an actual game together. We’d never practiced or anything.

The games are split into two 15 minute halves with a 5 minute break in between halves. It was the second half yesterday morning, when I was on a breakaway, deked to the left and my right knee just gave out on me. I missed the net too but besides that, I crumpled to the ground in pain.

I got up after a minute and walked it off, but didn’t play again in that game.

Our next game was scheduled for 1:20, so I got some ice between games and tried to make my knee feel better. It did feel a little better but leading up to the game, I was walking around a bit and it started to hurt a bit more. Well, I played anyways, which is a decision I’d like to say I don’t regret, but I kinda do. I ended up re-aggravating it badly and it was about 20x worse after the game than it was prior. What’s amazing I like to think is that I scored a goal as the ball squirted through the goalie’s pads and sat on the goal line. I made a quick jab at it and it went across the line. That cut the score to about 15-2.

It’s funny because we were in the division called Muckers. It’s essentially for beginner teams. There is no way in hell that any of the 3 teams we played that day (minus myself for the 3rd), should have been in our division. They were faster, and had much better control. It was clear they could’ve played in a higher division.

Anyways, the 2nd game ended, and I went to first aid, got some more ice then went and sat down with my friends. I told them I couldn’t go that evening for the 5:20 game. It sucked but my knee was effed right up. They understood and I asked one of them to walk with me home, which is like 5 minutes from Metrotown. About 1/4 of the way there, well..before we could get out of the Metrotown Parking lot, I was like, “I really think I should go to the hospital and get an x-ray so my pal helped me get over to the first aid again. I basically was Gandalfing it with my hockey stick. When we crossed the street, I even held my stick up to a car and said, “You shall not pass!”

So we get to the first aid, I’m in agony, and they give me some oxygen and call an ambulance. I ended up going in the ambulance, (which was my first time in one) and headed to Burnaby General. It was also my first time with laughing gas. It didn’t make me laugh and unfortunately, did not dull the pain. I was talking to the paramedic in the ambulance when he was asking me questions and I told him all I was trying to do was be like RYAN KESLER, playing on one leg and all. He laughed and reminded me that Kesler is making millions of dollars. We got to the hospital, I waited what felt like an hour in agonizing pain before a doctor saw me and gave me some morphine.

Rest of the long story short, I am now typing this to you from home…with torn cartilage and pulled muscles around my knee (I can’t remember exactly what he said). My leg is all wrapped up and I am on crutches for at least 4 days he said, at which point, I should re-evaluate my pain level. He prescribed me physio so this knee problem doesn’t linger and that should start within a couple weeks.

It sucks because I probably won’t be in a position to go downtown tomorrow for the Canucks game, but I’ll enjoy a cup win from my own living room just as much.

Game 6 is tomorrow, Go Canucks Go

CBC Studios and the Canucks

I went downtown tonight to the CBC Studios at Hamilton & Georgia to catch Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. While I am extremely satisfied with the end result of the game, I am very disappointed with how the entire CBC, closed street, outdoor screen experience turned out. Here is my list of peeves from tonight:


-The “Big Screen” isn’t really that big
-The screen has a poor picture
-The resolution of the picture didn’t even fit the screen
-People were smoking cigarettes and cigars…and POT in the portable washrooms
-They had an alcohol check when you enter but clearly no one was checking for marijuana
-People were standing; should be a rule to be sitting like at a game
-The standing ruined sight lines and it we had to keep asking people to move


-The sound quality was excellent and perfectly audible
-Food carts were easily accessible (expensive though)
-There were plenty of portable washrooms (although you had to walk through a sea of people to get to the one location they were at)

I know a lot of people will say, “Well, the reason they have it set up is for the atmosphere, not the size or quality of the TV, but ya know what, for some people who take watching these games seriously, the true fans who can’t afford to go to the game, want to watch on a decent screen. The atmosphere was great right at the end of the game, but of course that wasn’t throughout.

I would suggest for the future that CBC actually does this by selling tickets, FOR FREE OF COURSE, but have tickets so that you have control over thing like how many people are coming in, and so that people are guaranteed a specific seat. It would not take too much effort to set up seats all over that street and set up a couple more screens for people to watch.

Maybe I just shouldn’t complain and instead just not go down there anymore. I’m sure some people loved it, but I personally would’ve found a bar somewhere or even watched at home in my living room.

Either way, GO CANUCKS GO

These Playoffs Have Been One Big Joke

Pinch yourself Vancouver. Last night was not a figment of your imagination. Yes, the Vancouver Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 17 years and 3rd time in franchise history. Let me just be the first, but probably 1000th to say how proud I am of this team. It starts with the core who’s been around for so long but we can also include the players who have come in and played roles. They have progressively matured over seasons and months, and now find themselves 4 steps away from hoisting the holy grail of hockey.

But enough with the mushy stuff. Ya, I’m in love with this team and I cried a bit last night but there’s been a side to these Stanley Cup Playoffs that has been rather comical. If one random person were to come to Vancouver from a non-hockey country and study what has gone on in the Canucks Cup run so far, they would either conclude that the Canucks have battled tons of adversity and have come out on top like they should; or they would say “What’s with all the coverage of people on the exterior of these playoffs?

First there was Vince. Ya, he’s been a thorn in our side the last two seasons, and it was as big a deal to vanquish him as it was the rest of the Blackhawks. Seeing him point and laugh at Bobby Lu as he was pulled that fateful Game 4 night was disgusting and I think all Canucks fans started an un-official boycott of all his movies.

Then there was the emergence of the Green Men in the playoffs. This one is still going as they were in attendance last night but these guys (love em to bits) have received more air time than PJ Stock. There was the Healy fiasco where he called them ridiculous. They are in every damn Canucks montage, video, or tribute out there. Hell, Don Cherry talked about them ON COACH’S CORNER. He shared Healy’s sentiments. And perhaps the most redonculous thing with the Green Men, the NHL told them to stop touching the glass. Really?? Seriously, I love these guys, but you know you can say you’re successful at distracting when the NHL sends you a letter instead of suspending a player on the ice.

Oh and then the car dealership on Kingsway in Vancouver. They had GO CANUCKS GO with the stick in rink logo on their windows. The NHL actually sent them a letter asking them to take it all down due to copyright on the phrase ‘Go Canucks Go.’ So cheekily and awesomely, the dealership took down the C and A so it reads GO _ _NUCKS GO! Pure Gold!

Moving on to Nashville, where we met Mrs. Carrie Underwood. We all know she’s married to Mike Fisher and they showed her face every chance they did. But the best part about Underwood was when the Canucks finally eliminated the Preds and the camera panned to her, and she was BAWLING HER EYES OUT. Precious!

Finally, the twins! No, not Daniel and Henrik. The bazoons, the knockers, the ta-ta’s…ya! A girl actually flashed Ben Eager in Game 2 when he went to the penalty box. Frankly, it was a nice reprieve from the Green Mens’ junk. This girl even had her mug on the front cover of 24 the next day. I bet her parents were so proud. And of course, the obligatory feminists’ point of view came out when female bloggers took to criminalizing her for degrading women. I mean, I get it, but come on, she was having a fun night and you can’t tell me you prefer green packages.

What a ride it has been and what will we see against Boston (my choice) or Tampa Bay? Time will tell, but for now, I’m going to try and let this whole Stanley Cup Finals thing sink in. Maybe our own celebs can get together and do something crazy..Michael Buble, Cory Monteith, Kim Catrall, Steve Nash, Joey Fatone…the last one pains me a little.

It really is hard to believe and no it’s not a dream, it’s a dream come true. Go Canucks Go!

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