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The Canucks 3 NON-Stars of the Game
December 15, 2011, 19:39
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Facepalm is right!

Facepalm is right!

3. Kevin Bieksa/Ryan Kesler

Let’s just get this out of the way; I know Juice had a goal and Kesler had an assist. Spare me! There is one sole reason why these two buffoons share the #3 spot in tonight 3 Non-Stars of the game. That being a series of plays that took place in the final 60 seconds.

The Canucks are desperately trying to exit the zone so they can pull Schneidz for the extra attacker. Bieksa, who has the puck and is heading towards his blue line and out instead circles back into his own zone because maybe he didn’t have the clearest of paths through the neutral zone. I don’t care if Zdeno Chara was standing in front of him, he has to get that puck out. What was a simple play turned into a near insurance marker for the Canes, not to mention about 20 more seconds taken off the clock for Carolina.

Ryan Kesler has a very similar play with about 8 seconds left where the puck has been dumped out of the ‘Canes zone and retrieved by the Canucks. As mentioned, with about 8 seconds left, Kesler has it on his stick and instead of trying for one final desperation chance up the ice, he circles back towards his own end. I and I hope many of you reading this were livid when these 2 plays occurred and frankly, these two idiots should get a verbal lashing from Coach Vee tonight and tomorrow during practice.

Advice Going Forward: Find your drive. Whatever happened to playing until the final whistle and actually trying to win the game until there is absolutely no chance. Folks, 7 seconds is plenty to have gone for one more attempt at net.

2. Alain Vigneault

Oh Coach Vee. Viggy. Alain Vigneault, your head coach with some rather questionable decisions of late. It all starts with the prescribed pre-game roster of Aaron Rome on the 2nd line and Cody Hodgson on the 4th. Obviously it didn’t end that way but really? That shouldn’t even be a pipe dream for Aaron Rome to play on the 3rd line. Let’s not make this about Rome though, it’s about Alain. What are you doing with Mark Mancari out on the ice with 3 minutes to go, down a goal? For cryin’ out loud, play your star players. Those are the situations they get paid to play in. Coach Vee’s act is really starting to wear thin on me.

Advice Going Forward: Learn who to put on forward when you’re down a couple forwards.

1. Keith Ballard

Do I really need to explain why he the #1 Non Star of tonight’s game? Yeah sure, the Canucks were up 2-0 and the score never should have gotten the way it ended up, with Carolina leading but my god. Without a doubt, that will be the save of the year in the NHL come April. When Raymond got the puck to Ballard, it reminded me of that scene in Mighty Ducks where he is just standing there at the side of the net with the puck and Goldberg is down and out. He scrambles over and the douchebag opponent just flips it in. Seriously that net was more open than Neil Patrick Harris.

Advice Going Forward: Seriously….start with shooting pucks into a soccer net, and then work your way down. Maybe a storage locker next and then maybe, just maybe, you can score on an open net.

Wrapup: Don’t get me wrong; the Canucks were in tough to start the night…in a way. One twin in the lineup is never good, although Henrik didn’t look completely out of sorts minus his best friend in life. David Booth is still out and Aaron Rome was playing as a forward. To top that off, a guy who has played 36 NHL games since being drafted in 2004 was also on the 4th line, that being Mark Mancari. All that being said, the Canucks still were the better team on paper and they proved that through 35 minutes which is when they let up and gave the game away to Carolina. The rest of the way, it was just agonizing to watch as the names mentioned above shat the bed. Give it a week; Daniel will be back, Booth will almost be back and guys like Mancari and Rome will be back where they belong. Stay strong Canucks nation.


The Canucks 3 NON-Stars of the Game
November 3, 2011, 14:44
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By Josh Hall

Obviously the Canucks weren’t going to win every game in November. Unfortunately, the first loss of this fabled month had to come against the Wild and it was bad; 5-1. Going into the game, there was much fanfare made about who was starting in net for the Canucks, that being Schneider. There was also the presumption that this game would be boring and more bland than Adam Sandler’s new movie Jack and Jill.

Still expecting nothing less than a victory, Vancouver hockey fans have been let down again. Hopes were high after two straight beat downs over the Capitals and Flames but those hopes were dashed like a salty recipe.

All that being said, I give you the Three NON-Stars of Thursday night’s game from St. Paul Minnesota, presented by Replace The KB, CREATING BETTER BLOGGERS, EVERYDAY!

The 3rd Non-Star goes to Ryan Kesler.

Ryan is a mainstay on the 2nd line and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. But two weeks ago when he first returned to the team, he told everyone that he was 100%. He said he would not play otherwise. Sure he has to get used to a new team-mate and linemate in David Booth, not to mention Cody Hodgson, but with the way Kesler hasn’t been passing the puck, you’d think he’d have a couple more tallies by now. Maybe passing more is the answer because Hodgson has two more goals than him right now. Nevermind the fact that Kesler missed the first few games; Kesler is a Selke Winner and this is COHO’s rookie season. If Kesler is the player we know he is, then he should be making his linemates better. COHO and Booth, and even Higgins have suffered from his poor play. Booth and the Silent G both don’t get to produce as much and Higgy was demoted to the 3rd line. Sure, Higgy has 3 goals in that role, but I think he’d rather be on the 2nd line. So much for that American Express line eh!? Anyways, it’s giveaway after giveaway, trying to split the D and then before you know it, Minny is in on an odd man rush and the D is left to sink or swim while being outmanned.

Advice Going Forward: Use your wingers more efficiently.

The 2nd Non-Star of the night goes to Manny Malhotra.

Manny resumed play on the night centering Higgins and Hansen on the 3rd line but come the 3rd peiod, he had been demoted to the 4th line. You can’t really blame Manny as much as Kesler for his slow play to start the season and in Thursday night’s game versus Minny. The guy had a gruesome eye injury as we all know and from what I can tell, he is still technically recovering. Malhotra was a -4  in the game as well, which leaves him at -10 on the season, a team low. My question to him is why is he playing if he is clearly not fully recovered from the eye injury? The Canucks have more than enough depth to fill in his position on the 3rd line. Lappy can move up to the 3rd line and have Ebbett center the 4th.

Advice Going Forward: Take it easy. You are rushing yourself and trying to do too much.

Last, but not least, The 1st Non-Star of the Night goes to JUICE AKA Kevin Bieksa.

Kevin was a -2 on the night with 1 shot and 21:45 of ice time. You could argue that he’s feeling the pressure of the new contract he signed not too long ago or that he’s morphed into a fish. As John Garrett (@SNJohnGarrett) put it so elegantly, he was, “swimming” on more than one occasion. Or maybe he was practicing for a snow angel contest, I don’t know. What I do know is not just Thursday night but the entire 13 games the Canucks have played, Bieksa has looked gassed and sloppy; kind of like Dion Phaneuf’s girlfriend. Juice is now a -7 on the season and he has 3 assists in 12 games. If one thing is for sure, he is far from eclipsing his career high 43 points from 08-09 or even his 22 point total in 66 games last season. If I am being completely honest, I would have to give Kevin Bieksa the First Non-Star of the season so far.

Advice Going Forward: Just be Juice. Show more passion. I know it’s hard at the start of the regular season, but I want to see the Western Conference Final Game 5 Overtime Series Clinching Jacked Up Kevin Bieksa.

HONOURABLE (very) Mention goes to Cory Schneider this Mid Autumn’s night.

Schneidz allowed 5 goals to go along with an .889 Sv%. Not exactly Vezina (or Jennings for that matter) material. However, if you watched the game, you would know that you can put about MINUS 10% of the blame on Ginger Bricks. The D broke down in the 2nd after a promising 1st and Schneider absolutely stood on his red freakin’ head. If it weren’t for him, well Luongo would have been in net. How bad could that have been?

Advice Going Forward: You’re a cool bro, so just stay cool, bro!

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