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Proving I Can Still Do This Thing…


It’s official…

I’m doing the Spartan Sprint September 4th at Heritage Ranch in Red Deer, Alberta.

If you follow my blog and my other social media accounts, you may have in recent months read that I had a huge goal to accomplish. This is it.

I actually didn’t intend to do it until 2017 but my ulcerative colitis (IBD) has gone so far into remission and I’ve been feeling so good that I decided to take the plunge this year. I didn’t actually realize it was still eight months away until I looked for the first time two weeks ago.

I’m feeling so well that I am going to openly lay it all out for you right here and make my vow public to train my ass off for this event. The sprint is the shortest of the three main Spartan races (sprint, super and beast) at 5km and 15-20 obstacles. Despite that, I’m going to have to train hard because I’ll admit I’m a long way off from where I need to be. I get winded running (walking) up the stairs at work. I’m seeing a dietitian, I’ve got a gym pass, and I’m in remission thanks to a wonderful drug named remicade that allows me to not worry so much about my disease.

The thing is as much as I was an athlete for the first 18 years of my life, UC changed that aspect of my life almost instantly. I’ve gone almost nine years now with a level of


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conditioning I can only describe as pathetic compared to my heydays as a soccer, hockey and lacrosse playing, cross-country running, 100m, 200m and relay sprinting, javelin, discus and shotput throwing, 1500m racewalking(Surrey Champ x2), tennis ball swatting, gross and sweaty son of a gun. Frankly, you don’t really need to have great conditioning to play the type of golf I do now.

The reason I’m doing this?

To prove to myself that I can still lead an active life and get back to some semblance of what I was nine years ago when I was very nearly bringing up the year at the 2006-07 Provincial Cross-Country championships in Victoria. I was an athlete but I was never an all-star okay (still more of one than John Scott though).

I want to prove that people with inflammatory bowel disease can live an active life and be a beast on the course and in life. I want to prove I can eat healthy because I’d be a liar if I said that colitis hasn’t affected the way I eat in a major, major way.

I want to prove to my daughter and fiancee that I know how to strive for something successfully.

I’m going to be successful, no matter how many burpees I end up having to do. That’s the punishment for failing an obstacle on the Spartan course, 30 to be exact.

With all that said, I want to thank once again anyone reading this and anyone who’s ever encouraged me to stick with it through my battle with colitis. I wouldn’t be at this point without you.

This is also a plea to anyone reading who has colitis and more specifically, anyone with IBD in the Red Deer area. If you’d like to join my team, the GUTSY GLADIATORS, please let me know. You don’t even have to have IBD, you can join my team to show your support for those with IBD.

Contact me by commenting on this post.

I’ll finish with a quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

The Canucks Sisters and Misters

daniel sedin

This isn’t about me but let the record show this is my first hockey-related post in quite some time.

I could spit out a few numbered tweets but this feels like the right time to put electronical pen to paper and share my thoughts on the blog I once tried so hard to keep up.

So how about those Canuckleheads eh?!

I’m going to address two things here.

Numero uno:

The ‘sisters’ act is old.

(Warning: long sentence) It’s a promise of mine to you that anyone who is intelligent when it comes to hockey hears you refer to Daniel and Henrik Sedin as sisters, they are hearing someone who is not only unintelligent about hockey, but someone who is so insecure in their own life, they must refer to two world-class hockey players as such.

I think even the people who refer to the twins as sisters know that women can be great at the sport in 2016. Obviously the intended connotation is that the twins play like little whiny, wussy flopping, diving, baby girls. Of course that’s too assume that all little girls are just that (which they’re not, but I digress).

Let’s be blunt here: if you call the Sedin twins sisters with any intended meaning, you sound like a complete tool. Lest we forget Henrik once played 679 straight regular season games. Lest we forget Hank playing like a beast when his bro went down for 19 games with a broken foot in 2009.

How about just last week when Daniel had his face smashed by vulcanized rubber, losing three or four chiclets in the process, only to come back to the game and score a goal, which by the way he now has 346 of in his career? That’s not a total one achieves by laying down and playing like a big wuss his entire career.

The use of the word sister in this context, as I’m sure we all know, is sexist. It does imply that women can’t play hockey or that women can’t play hockey tough, both of which are certifiably wrong, trust me. So the next time you call the Sedin twins sisters, know that it seems as if you have never watched them play in your entire life and that you really don’t know jack about hockey or how they play the game (along the boards/dirty areas their entire careers).

Between the end of the 3rd period and start of Overtime between the Canucks and Panthers Monday night, a Florida player (allegedly) said something to or about the twins. Daniel said after the game it was one guy and he knows who he is. Any Canucks fan should know who it was too and even Botchford provides some pretty undeniable GIF proof.

Let me just finish this topic off by saying that if *cough* Shawn Thornton *cough* really did make a ‘sisters’ remark, then Daniel Sedin, the ‘low-life’ that he is had pretty much free rein after he scored that GWG in OT. I would be disappointed actually if Daniel (or Henrik) didn’t skate by the bench and say something like, “How do ya like me now biznitches,” or, “How’s that for a sister biznitches?”

And two:

I’m ashamed to say that up to this point in the season, I have been a card-carrying member of #TankNation. Yup, I’ve hashtagged it on Twitter and grown accustomed to the likelihood this season will end poorly once again, very quickly. It started off pretty decent but the tailspin began after the two week mark and with Auston Matthews perched at the top of the draft rankings, it should make any crappy team’s fans salivate.

I’m tired of mediocrity as a Canucks fan and as a hardcore lifer, I’m allowed to feel that way. I know I’m not the only one. We all want ownership to give the management team the go-ahead to do whatever it takes and Linden/Benning probably have that freedom, but at times this season and in the past, it’s been a lot of talk and no walk.

By mediocrity, I don’t just mean always being the bridesmaid three times and never the bride, I also mean having bad seasons, but ones just not crappy enough to get one of those top notch NHL-ready players at the draft. This of course doesn’t count 1999, but even then, the twins went back to Sweden for a season. It also doesn’t count 1988 of course.

If we are going to miss the playoffs, we might as well really miss them and get something impactful for the rest of the re-build (or re-tooling on the fly).

HOWEVER, after last night’s streak-halting victory over the Seattle/Quebec/Las Vegas/Portland/Milwaukee/Hamilton Panthers who I’m sure had plenty of people watching their webcast, there may just be hope for this Canucks team yet. They’ve got a long way to go still to prove they can hang with the Kings of the world, or of the Pacific, but there is hope.

Mark my words, if the Canucks make a run past the second round of the playoffs, Monday’s win will have been the turning point. I say past the second round because in this division, if L.A. remains the sole really good team, the Canucks could make it in as a mediocre team but still get a mediocre first-round opponent.

So in the words of Aragorn, “there is always hope.” #TankNation is still alive and well to be sure, and there still needs to be convincing done on my part, but better days may lie ahead with guys like Horvat, Virtanen, McCann, Etem, Sutter, Markstrom, and yes, the Sedins, all contributing at once.

Monday was a bonding experience for this team, this group of men, of Misters, have no doubt.

Start praying to the hockey gods Canucks fans they’ll use that experience wisely going forward.

ADDENDUM: To all the Canucks fans on Twitter last night going apes*** over Potvin’s commentary and idiotic Panthers fans, shame on you. The vitriol I observed was appalling and it’s no wonder Canucks nation seemingly has an average of IQ of about 44. There’s this thing called retaliation and it can be acted out in the form of words as much as it can in the actions of a hockey game. Next time we win, and somebody cuts our players down, don’t stoop even lower than that.

You know who you are.

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