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POLL: Xmas Eve Dinner or Xmas Day Dinner
December 24, 2011, 11:59
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When is your main family gathering? Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Both…or neither?

Just To Clarify…

Just to clarify…

I have never said that I believe all girls are automatically puck bunnies.

I have recently come under fire for a tweet I sent out that said this:

“Sorry but if you deny being a puck bunny, and I say you should prove it and you say no…you’re a puck bunny. #canucks

Here’s the link to the actual tweet so you can see it for proof.

Now I shouldn’t really have to clarify myself on this because I believe that statement is pretty all encompassing. While there was a bit of an original back story to it, it still applies. HOWEVER, it does not, at all, imply that I assume all girls to be puck bunnies unless they can prove it to me. I definitely do not think that.

In fact, I try very much to avoid puck bunnies as they are one breed of something I like to call a Bandwagoner.

Trust me, there are some MAJOR RED FLAGS that say you are a puckbunny. Me asking you to prove it if you show a bunch of signs is fair and you should just bone up and do it.

Read my piece on bandwagoners HERE! Go through all the female Canucks fans on my Twitter account and I promise you 95% of them aren’t bandwagoners. They’re like the plague to me.

So be calm, cool your fannies and know that things have been clarified.

Merry Christmas! Check out, my new home for blogging on the Canucks.

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The Canucks 3 NON-Stars of the Game
December 15, 2011, 19:39
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Facepalm is right!

Facepalm is right!

3. Kevin Bieksa/Ryan Kesler

Let’s just get this out of the way; I know Juice had a goal and Kesler had an assist. Spare me! There is one sole reason why these two buffoons share the #3 spot in tonight 3 Non-Stars of the game. That being a series of plays that took place in the final 60 seconds.

The Canucks are desperately trying to exit the zone so they can pull Schneidz for the extra attacker. Bieksa, who has the puck and is heading towards his blue line and out instead circles back into his own zone because maybe he didn’t have the clearest of paths through the neutral zone. I don’t care if Zdeno Chara was standing in front of him, he has to get that puck out. What was a simple play turned into a near insurance marker for the Canes, not to mention about 20 more seconds taken off the clock for Carolina.

Ryan Kesler has a very similar play with about 8 seconds left where the puck has been dumped out of the ‘Canes zone and retrieved by the Canucks. As mentioned, with about 8 seconds left, Kesler has it on his stick and instead of trying for one final desperation chance up the ice, he circles back towards his own end. I and I hope many of you reading this were livid when these 2 plays occurred and frankly, these two idiots should get a verbal lashing from Coach Vee tonight and tomorrow during practice.

Advice Going Forward: Find your drive. Whatever happened to playing until the final whistle and actually trying to win the game until there is absolutely no chance. Folks, 7 seconds is plenty to have gone for one more attempt at net.

2. Alain Vigneault

Oh Coach Vee. Viggy. Alain Vigneault, your head coach with some rather questionable decisions of late. It all starts with the prescribed pre-game roster of Aaron Rome on the 2nd line and Cody Hodgson on the 4th. Obviously it didn’t end that way but really? That shouldn’t even be a pipe dream for Aaron Rome to play on the 3rd line. Let’s not make this about Rome though, it’s about Alain. What are you doing with Mark Mancari out on the ice with 3 minutes to go, down a goal? For cryin’ out loud, play your star players. Those are the situations they get paid to play in. Coach Vee’s act is really starting to wear thin on me.

Advice Going Forward: Learn who to put on forward when you’re down a couple forwards.

1. Keith Ballard

Do I really need to explain why he the #1 Non Star of tonight’s game? Yeah sure, the Canucks were up 2-0 and the score never should have gotten the way it ended up, with Carolina leading but my god. Without a doubt, that will be the save of the year in the NHL come April. When Raymond got the puck to Ballard, it reminded me of that scene in Mighty Ducks where he is just standing there at the side of the net with the puck and Goldberg is down and out. He scrambles over and the douchebag opponent just flips it in. Seriously that net was more open than Neil Patrick Harris.

Advice Going Forward: Seriously….start with shooting pucks into a soccer net, and then work your way down. Maybe a storage locker next and then maybe, just maybe, you can score on an open net.

Wrapup: Don’t get me wrong; the Canucks were in tough to start the night…in a way. One twin in the lineup is never good, although Henrik didn’t look completely out of sorts minus his best friend in life. David Booth is still out and Aaron Rome was playing as a forward. To top that off, a guy who has played 36 NHL games since being drafted in 2004 was also on the 4th line, that being Mark Mancari. All that being said, the Canucks still were the better team on paper and they proved that through 35 minutes which is when they let up and gave the game away to Carolina. The rest of the way, it was just agonizing to watch as the names mentioned above shat the bed. Give it a week; Daniel will be back, Booth will almost be back and guys like Mancari and Rome will be back where they belong. Stay strong Canucks nation.

The Skills Competition
December 14, 2011, 15:09
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CompetitionThe act of competing, as for profit or a prize; rivalry; A test of skill or ability; a contest.

The opening drop of the puck and two players jostle to skillfully obtain the puck for their team. Who’s quicker to get their stick on the puck? Who has defter hands?

Play goes on as players glide across the ice at great speeds. Skating; a skill these men learned at such a young age and one that is essential to being a good hockey player at the NHL level.

A saucer pass over not one but two sticks; not only that, but it’s right on the tape, leaving the receiver of the pass with an open net. The saucer pass and passing in general is a skill very few players can say they are great at.

It’s mid-way through the 2nd period now and a talented winger drifts down the right side boards, his skating sleek as silk. He’s got company; one defenseman. The winger cuts to the middle and undressed the d-man. He left all his finesse skills out on the ice with that dipsy doodle. It doesn’t end there though; no that winger put the puck on the toe of his blade and snipes it top shelf above the goalies glove hand. He was aiming right where he put it. Now tell me that is not pure skill.

The score is tied 2-2, both goalies having put on a clinic the entire night; a clinic of their skills that is. Stopping pucks, snagging point shots and hot dogging it once or twice are just a sample of what they managed to do this night.

The play is down in one team’s end for the final 60 seconds of regulation. The pressure being withheld like none other during that game. The puck finds its way to the right of the net, 15 feet out. The D turn to that man as he threads the needle to his teammate, unmanned, 20 feet away on the other side of the net. The goalie is down, but not out. The forward who took the pass takes a shot and somehow, someway, the goalie lunges back, stretches his stick out into the gaping void that is the open net. Some will call that luck. I call that a skill of strength and determination and never giving up on a play.

Regulation ends with the squads deadlocked at 2 goals apiece.

OT is played and chanced are traded back and forth, with both teams coming close to ending it on numerous occasions. It was a tremendous display of pure hockey skill.

Then comes the hated and loved shootout. It’s what many call the skills competition. “How ignorant,” I say to myself just about every time a colour commentator blurts out those two words upon the ending of OT. Were we not all just treated to a skills competition? Who can shoot the puck better? Who can make crisper passes? Who can maintain possession by constantly winning faceoffs? Even the act of throwing a hipcheck a la Ballard would be considered a skill.

Yet some of us are so quick to judge the shootout as something different, when really it’s just not.

The moral of the story is…Don’t judge a shootout by its cover!

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Eulogy: RIP KB3’s Tooth
December 7, 2011, 15:03
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By Josh Hall

A gap now suffices for thee

Whom a mouth was not enough.

Dense, United, Shiny, Elven.

Conference Finals History.

32 Teeth.

The Sneaky Shot King.

He Scored As They Watched.

Nay was it the man housing the tooth,

Hath made glory rain on the house of Roger,

But the tooth itself shining bright upon the fans,

And let out a burst of brilliance matched by only those wiser.

It did it the hard way.

Dodging vulcanized rubber hither and tither.

It did what any tooth would do for its Elven master.

Took one for the team.

It is on this day we remember Kevin Bieksa’s tooth. Glorious were its days as the d-man’s best friend. Kevin looked down on no one more fluoride…I mean fondly than his left front tooth. A mighty part of the mandible it was, providing Kevin with a safe environment for chewing other player’s fingers should he have ever chosen to follow the steps of team-mates Burr and Lappy. Dentist Recchi would be so proud (everyone knows dentists aren’t real doctors).

Word is that Todd Bertuzzi was in attendance and he said simply, “It is what it is.” And how filling…I mean, uh, fitting that is for him to be there on a night that Kevin Bieksa’s fine and fandangled tooth was attacked viciously by an elbow (and against Colorado). Ironically David Jones claims the tooth only fell out because of Bieksa clutching at his mouth with all his little fingers jamming away at it. Go figure.

Alas, the days of the tooth need not be over. Sometime when the Canucks ice team brushed…DAMMIT I mean shoveled the on ice snow, that poor, lost chomper was moved to his new residence, via said shovel. His new home now being a giant pile of ice and snow in the bowels of Rogers Arena. Reportedly the shovel used was none other than the one used by Marty McSorley to hit Donald Brashear in the skull…rest his career.

The attention at long last turns back to the Elven one, ears and all. Well he must not be forgotten for he must now live a life that forces him to try and fill a void everyday….with his tongue.

Rest in peace little Tooth and may you find friendship in the arms of Brendan Morrison’s lost bit.


Hall Of Sports Exclusive with Ryan Lucas
December 5, 2011, 14:17
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This past November 30th, I sat down (Stood up) with Montreal Alouettes Defensive Tackle #97 Ryan Lucas.  Part 3 is to come and will be posted here shortly.

Part 1

Nov. 30, 2011 (Vancouver, BC) – Josh Hall interviewed Ryan Lucas of the Montreal Alouettes. In Part 1, Ryan talks about how he got his start in football and where he’s gone since then. Follow Josh on Twitter @vancan19 and Ryan on Twitter @RyLucas97. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.

Part 2

Nov. 30, 2011 (Vancouver, BC) – Josh Hall interviewed Ryan Lucas of the Montreal Alouettes. In part 2, Josh asks Ryan about his involvement with Game Ready Fitness, a company that runs fitness camps for youth. Ryan also talks about the 90 day challenge.

Part 3

Nov. 30, 2011 (Vancouver, BC) – Josh Hall interviewed Ryan Lucas of the Montreal Alouettes. In Part 3, they get trivial and fun it up a bit. The lighter side of a pro athlete is displayed.

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