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November 19, 2011, 14:58
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**Author’s note: This post is ANOTHER in Josh Hall’s bid to Replace the KB as part of The Province Newspaper’s Hockey Blogger Competition. When sharing on twitter or facebook, please use the hashtags #ReplaceTheKB and #ProvNeedsVancan. Thank you for supporting Josh in his quest! For more info on the details of the contest and other bloggers, click HERE!**

By Josh Hall

Fan (noun): A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.

By now, anyone who’s followed my journey through the twitterverse and/or blogosphere will know that I am an undying Canucks fan. By that I mean my love for them will never die, regardless of the outcome to a game or an entire season.

Going through this Replace The KB competition has been fun and it’s been a challenge. That being said, I’ve had the opportunity to share my stories and opinions with a much larger audience than usual. With that has come the chance to get to know more Canucks fans and find out exactly why it is that they love this team and also why they may love the game of hockey in general.

I have collected a few testimonials from followers, friends and fans alike to share with you, the beloved reader, on why they love the Vancouver Canucks. Without further ado, I thank you all for your support throughout this competition; I will continue blogging about the Canucks regardless of the outcome and Go Canucks Go.

Here are the responses (give these fans a follow on twitter [click their names]):

@jrcaptain91 I’ve grown up watching hockey with my Dad and loved it since I was a baby. I’m a fan through thick and thin ‘til the end.”

JH: Arguably, there is no better reason than family.

@tpoole00 It’s because they play hard most nights whistle to whistle. Also, it’s exciting watching the finesse of the Sedins and Salo/Edler/Bieksa/Rome blasting point shots. In my opinion Luongo is the best goalie in the league. Go Canucks go and bring home the cup!”

JH: I don’t know how much longer Rome’s luck is going to run but for sure, the depth we have on defense is on most nights a treat to watch. 

“@vancitybeerguy The Canucks represent courage and perseverance, guts and glory.  The excitement of a break-away, the exhilaration of a last minute goal is why I love our team. The magic that is generated through the Sedins alone is worth the price of admission. They are a brotherhood in Vancouver and I couldn’t turn my back on that. I love the Canucks because I feel like I am part of the team, just like the strangers high-fiving me after another brilliant goal or a huge save by Luongo.”

JH: I couldn’t agree more with the brotherhood comment…but let’s not forget the sister Canucks fans. Those high fives you reference too, totally awesome after the game as well.

 @nuckiiee It’s impossible to describe the reasons why I love and support the Canucks. Being a Canucks fan and a hockey fan in general isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life. Supporting the Canucks has been like an emotional roller coaster for me these past couple years, but I know I’ll never give up on them. They’re more than a hockey team; they’re community heroes who we can all learn from.”

JH: Took the words right of my mouth; It’s a way of life. And hey, roller coasters are fun right? Scary and they make you panic, but at the same time, tons of fun…right?

 @GB_Canuck I’m a long time football (soccer) fan but in the last couple of years my love of the game over here in England has started to dwindle. I’ve always had a ‘passing interest’ in the NHL and as I’ve been to Vancouver before, I’ve decided to follow the Canucks. It’s not particularly easy to do that over here because of the time difference but I’m determined to stay committed whether we’re winning or losing.” 

JH: Well here’s to hoping you stay ON the bandwagon. Good on ya for not becoming a fLames fan.

@kenny_M_on_mars My family moved from N. Ontario to Kelowna in 1970 and I was a Leafs fan. It took a couple years but the Canucks won me over in 78/79. I loved the tough workman style hockey they played. Now we finally have ‘committed to winning’ ownership and it’s a great time for all true fans. Regardless I will pull for them win or lose but yes there are more important things, it is just a game after all. When that cup does come, Oh how amazing that day will be!?”

JH: I’ll forgive the “It’s just a game” remark because there’s something about the way you put it that makes me agree more than usual. But yes, how special and worth the wait that day will be when we finally lift the Cup.

So it’s clear; many things attribute to being a loyal fan, whether it’s of the Canucks, the Leafs, another team or just hockey in general. The most important thing to always remember as a fan is that as a true fan, you have that commitment to remaining as loyal as possible for as long as possible.

Once again, thank you and rock on Canucks fans.

Haters Be Learners!


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