Vancan Outta The Blue

Replace The KB!

I will be wearing this for the entire competition!

You may be familiar with the Kurtenbloggers, of The Province and Team1040 fame, and they have recently left their respective posts for new ones at Pro Hockey Talk, a part of the NBC Sports Network. Why, hell if I know!

Anyways, the Province Newspaper has dwindled down the applications to become their new resident Canucks/hockey blogger and from out of 90 applicants, I am one of the final 15.

Here’s some proof:

So in the coming weeks, and starting at midnight tonight actually, the competition will be taking place. You can find all the rules in that link, somewhere near the bottom.

The important part for my supporters to know about is when MY posts will be available.

Each Saturday and Sunday are free for all blog days for all the competitors. That means the Province will be promoting everyone’s posts all weekend.

Then from M-F, each day will feature 3 bloggers. This again goes on for 3 weeks. My days are as follows:

Monday, October 31

Wednesday, November 9

Friday, November 18

The final process of judging is TBA but for now, if you would like to support me, I would appreciate you opening up the link I provide via Facebook and Twitter and clicking the thumbs up button if you like what you see. I think you will.

Also, if you choose to RT my posts on twitter, I ask you use the hashtags #ReplaceTheKB and #ProvinceNeedsVancan.

If you are sharing on Facebook, please tag The Vancouver Province by typing @ and immediately the words “The Vancouver Province.”

I am very excited about this and I hope you can be excited for me. Happy trails readers!


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