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Shootout At The Rog
October 6, 2011, 15:10
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By Josh Hall

Despite the fact the Canucks lost 4-3 tonight, it suffices to say the 2011-12 season has been kicked off with a bang! The Crosby-less Pens were more than a match for the Nucks who, as usual, came out flat footed to start the season. The game really was a barn burner which ended up coming down to the skills competition we all know and love as the shootout. I say it came down to the shootout, but really that only applies to the Penguins since Roberto ‘No Chance In The Shootout’ Luongo was hopeless once the clock ticked to 0:00 on OT.

Our men in blue and green have as good a chance as any team at going all the way this season but home ice advantage in the playoffs could come down to how many extra points the Canucks can collect. Luongo has never been a stellar shootout performer and trust me, that doesn’t even begin to explain it. The man who earns a healthy $6.716 Million this year is 23-28 in his career in the shootout and yes, most of those have been with Vancouver. Love him or hate him, Bobby Lu is here to stay in Vancouver and personally, I would never trade him. Fans should have complete confidence in him and yet, it’s completely understandable if they don’t.

Lu absolutely flopped in the SO tonight. He laid down like a frog on the second shooter and Malkin flipped it over him coolly. It looked like a scene out of a Mighty Ducks movie.

On the flip side, I honestly cannot fathom the reasoning behind putting Samuelsson in as the Canucks first shooter. Samuelsson has shown he can’t be depended on and when you have players like Edler who has been successful, and even the Sedins who are crappy in the shootout, you cannot be putting in a guy like Sammy. Cody Hodgson was set to shoot 3rd but sadly, it didn’t get to him as Burrows and the aforementioned Samuelsson couldn’t pot the puck in the back of the net.

Needless to say, something needs to happen with Luongo and his shootout skills, or lack thereof. While I could list some off to you, I put the onus on my twitter followers to provide some suggestions!

@StephenDyrgas (noted Bruins fan) says, “Throw in Schneider.”

Honestly I thought AV was going to do that when HNIC showed them talking once OT ended. Alas, I don’t think that will happen until Luongo loses 5 straight and Schneidz wins 5 straight.

@FleurDeMar says, “Don’t fall on the ice, stand tall.”

Indeed! Luongo and his 6’2” frame must stand tall. He flopped like a frog on the Malkin goal. Why? Methinks we will never know.

@nuckiiee hates the shootout! “Take out the shootout. It’s stupid.”

Well this obviously can’t be done mid-season, or 1 game in, but yes, that may help Luongo is his travails. In upcoming seasons, there is a chance that could happen (be it slim), but for now, we are stuck with the skills comp.

@themonicator thinks “…the Pens players read the book on Lu. Once he flops down, the whole net is theirs. “

You could not have said it better, because I said exactly that.  Lu’s new nickname? Floppy McFlopperson.

Finally, LA Resident (Kings and Nucks fan) @s0nn quipped, “Take notes from Tim Thomas??? #ouch”

OUCH indeed! Although if Luongo starts smiling like Thomas, I may have to disown him!

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