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Really Toronto?
October 31, 2011, 14:40
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By Josh Hall

Really Ron Wilson?

Dion Phaneuf is, “…the best defenseman in the league?” Really? Sure he’s got 11 points in 11 games this season but really?

Come on Coach, just looking at the stats, there are two players with more points than Phagoof and you say he’s not only the best in the league, but the best, “by a country mile.” REALLY?

Dude, your team just lost to the Ottawa Senators. Yes, I know you made the comment after a win against the Pens but really? The Sens? Sure they’ve won 6 straight now, but really?

I mean really, of your seven wins so far, five of them have been against teams that likely won’t make the playoffs (Montreal x2, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg).

Oh wow, you beat the Penguins! Get real Ron, those Pens were Crosby-less, Stall-less and suffering with a defective Evgeni Malkin.

And to the fans of the Maple Leafs. Really? You all really think your team is going to keep this up? I guess I can respect sticking by your team regardless and really, who wouldn’t be happy when their team is winning, but REALLY?

The Maple Leafs will never ever get past the first round of the playoffs ever again.

Sure, call Phaneuf what you want now! But I’ve heard that he who gets the sloppy seconds gets facial herpes and starts to suck again at some point.

Oh and then there’s Kessel. Puh-leeease! 18 points in 11 games; hmmm, really? Again, look at the teams you’ve played. Jan Bulis would have 18 points in 11 games if he got to play all of them against the bottom 1/5 of the league.

If I’m being honest, really, I foresee Kessel cooling off around Christmas and finishing with 70 something points.

You know the saying, “Don’t get your hopes up!”

Come on Toronto! Really?

Really Count: 14

My Vow To You: Whattup Kurtenbloggers?
October 31, 2011, 14:37
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**Author’s note: This post is ANOTHER in Josh Hall’s bid to Replace the KB as part of The Province Newspaper’s Hockey Blogger Competition. When sharing on twitter or facebook, please use the hashtags #ReplaceTheKB and #ProvNeedsVancan. Thank you for supporting Josh in his quest! For more info on the details of the contest and other bloggers, click HERE!**

By Josh Hall

If there’s one thing I am known for, it’s my commitment and dedication. I guess technically that’s two things but I digress; they’re basically synonymous.

Where I take my commitment to the next level is with my readers. I would prefer to call you “fans” but I’m smart enough to know I’m not there just yet.

I don’t want to make this all about me, but let’s be honest, it is all about me. All joking aside, ever since I first started my video podcast for, and evolved into sports writing and an audio podcast, my motto has been, “By a fan, for the fans!”

I stick by those words and one big reason for that is I that I believe self-improvement is key. No one is or ever will be perfect, so why not spend your time trying to get to the next level. It’s like any video game. You learn new skills, earn more coin and overall just become a more well-rounded person.

The next most important trait to me is honesty. No one can live with a lie forever and that’s exactly what Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers fans are going to find out in about a month. That being said, I have a story and a video I would love to share with you all, just so that everything is out on the table.

Okay, here goes. I started my video podcast on back in the spring of 2009. My main influence in the creation of my podcast, or ‘vlog’ if you’re an uppity internet snob, was Mr. Parksy, the host of Parksy’s Corner. One day, the Kurtenbloggers (the very guys I am trying to replace) mentioned Parksy in their online blog on The Province. They had actually brought back a thing they called The Urban Achiever award which was a weekly award they gave to a fan who was just being hardcore. They even printed this in the actual paper.

Well a week later, the Kurtenbloggers lashed out, making fun of Parksy for another video had put out. Being eternally appreciative to Parksy for inspiring me, I felt it was my duty as a friend to defend him. So at 1am in the morning, I made my own video “dissing” the Kurtenbloggers. Please watch this video and continue reading.

Vancan Disses The Kurtenbloggers

Yes, that just happened. Thanks for the views!

Parksy also made a video defending himself. Well the Kurtenbloggers, being the fine fellows they are, devoted an entire post to Parksy’s and my videos. See here:

The Kurtenbloggers Strike Back

Yes, they contemplated if I have guns. No, I do NOT have guns!

Now keep in mind, this was all before I had any desire to go to broadcasting school and before I had any plans on being a sportscaster or sports writer. If you’ve read my bio, you would know I am in fact a graduate of the Broadcasting program at Columbia Academy here in Vancouver.

So INYOUR FACE KURTENBLOGGERS….Jason and Mike..whaddup now?!

Funny enough, I have since met them and they had no idea who I was. I actually kind of hope they read this and I plan on whoring the link out to them on twitter.

So what have we learned today?

We learned that I am committed to you, the reader. I am committed to taking your feedback and construing it as calling me a loser and telling me to stop writing forever. Just kidding…obviously. Seriously though, the only thing you will get from me is the straight up truth. If Luongo is choking on a nightly basis, I will tell you how much he sucks. If AV needs to go, I won’t be afraid to put that out there. Otherwise, I just try too hard to be funny. Hardcore Canucks fan ’til I die.

We also learned that I used to hate the Kurtenbloggers…and they hated, or possibly feared me.

We also learned that I am an honest man that you can TRUST to put out only posts that will satisfy the taste buds of your brain.

The final thing we learned and the main point of this whole thing is that I promise each and every one of you that I will never…EVER…do another rap video. See my other rap “Blackhawk Down” here.

I feel like the next three weeks are going to be like when the Fellowship had to go through the Mines of Moria. It’s going to be dark, dank, and full of death. There will even be a creepy little stalker creature called The Stanchion. Love your stuff bud!

Good day, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

Twas The Month Before November
October 30, 2011, 14:35
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**Author’s note: This post is the second in Josh Hall’s bid to Replace the KB as part of The Province Newspaper’s Hockey Blogger Competition. When sharing on twitter or facebook, please use the hashtags #ReplaceTheKB and #ProvNeedsVancan. Thank you for supporting Josh in his quest! For more info on the details of the contest and other bloggers, click HERE!**

By Josh Hall

October 31st is usually known as Halloween in these parts, but something just doesn’t seem right. The kiddies may be out trick or treating tonight, but it almost feels like another holiday is on the horizon.

That’s right, it feels like Christmas Eve here in Canucks land! Santa hasn’t landed in the malls yet, but Sinter Luongo has made an appearance at Rogers Arena…finally!

It really is unreal how some “fans” just don’t get it. Sure, we would love to see our boys in blue play better in October, but the reality is that that will likely never happen unless a new coach is brought in. That won’t happen unless history doesn’t repeat itself like it has the last three seasons.

Let’s break it down (all stats courtesy of CanucksDotCom):

In the last three Octobers combined (2008-2010), the Canucks have an overall record of 17-15-2. That’s a win% of .529 over 34 total games. If you add their record from this October, their win drops to .500.

Now we have the Novembers immediately following those mediocre Octobers. With a combined record of 23-12-5 for a win% of .645, the Canucks dress up as Jekyll for Halloween, get smashed at the Roxy and wake up as Hyde on the morning of November 1st.

The point is Canucks fans, I am begging you to have faith in the blue and green. I get it; you’ll believe it when you see it. Alas, all you have to do is look at the stat and remember numbers don’t lie. So to spice things up a bit and get everyone in the festive mood and ready for Tuesday’s gift opening versus the Flames, I present to you ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ Canucks style.

Twas the night before November, when all through the rink
Not a sole Swede was skating, not even Hank or Dank.
The banners were hung from the rafters with care,
In hopes that St. Linden would return with fanfare.

The bandwagoners were nestled all snug in their seats,
With visions of Luongo suffering in defeat.
And Gillis with his ‘kerchief, and AV his lozenge,
Just attempting to figure which issue to bandage.

When up in the stands there arose such a clatter,
People were booing as if something was the matter?
Away to Lu’s side he flew like a flash,
Meanwhile an editorial written that belonged in the trash.

The ire in his rant of the Nucks Number One
Gave the impression he insisted his team wasn’t done.
When, what to our wondering ears should chime in,
But Mark Spector from Sportsnet with his slanderous din.

“Now Schneider, you start! And Kesler, you’re in!”
AV still doesn’t know what the hell to do with Cody Hodgson!
“To the 3rd line you go! Booth, you’re welcome to his spot!
Now produce for god sakes! Oh sorry David, say that, I should not.”

As the Twins go, does the crazy Burricane™ fly,
When they’re down in the corners, they cycle like bikes.
So up to the point-the passes they flew,
Salo, Edler and Bieksa’s pointshots be beastly too.

And then, in a jiffy, they could hear right next door,
The Lions were prancing around and they roared!
As they drew in their heads, how to capture that BC Place aura,
Hallelujah for Booth, whence he came from ol’ Florida.

His eyes how they twinkled! His double dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like a baby’s, his head really hairy!
Adios to Sammy and Sturm who were quite a mess,
Thanks guys! Now we have the American Express.

Still stumped though was AV as he toiled in despair,
But clearing was his mind with the riotless air.
He had a broad grin and a little round belly,
“COHO Back to the 2nd, after you eat 9 bowlfuls of jelly!”

The Canucks sprang to life, giving the true fans some hope,
And cheered they did, but was it all of a dope?
Come April you’ll see, ‘ere the Playoffs begin,
“A Merry November to all, The Nucks shall win again!!”

Happy Halloween from Santa Gillis and Mrs. Vigneault

Replace The KB!

I will be wearing this for the entire competition!

You may be familiar with the Kurtenbloggers, of The Province and Team1040 fame, and they have recently left their respective posts for new ones at Pro Hockey Talk, a part of the NBC Sports Network. Why, hell if I know!

Anyways, the Province Newspaper has dwindled down the applications to become their new resident Canucks/hockey blogger and from out of 90 applicants, I am one of the final 15.

Here’s some proof:

So in the coming weeks, and starting at midnight tonight actually, the competition will be taking place. You can find all the rules in that link, somewhere near the bottom.

The important part for my supporters to know about is when MY posts will be available.

Each Saturday and Sunday are free for all blog days for all the competitors. That means the Province will be promoting everyone’s posts all weekend.

Then from M-F, each day will feature 3 bloggers. This again goes on for 3 weeks. My days are as follows:

Monday, October 31

Wednesday, November 9

Friday, November 18

The final process of judging is TBA but for now, if you would like to support me, I would appreciate you opening up the link I provide via Facebook and Twitter and clicking the thumbs up button if you like what you see. I think you will.

Also, if you choose to RT my posts on twitter, I ask you use the hashtags #ReplaceTheKB and #ProvinceNeedsVancan.

If you are sharing on Facebook, please tag The Vancouver Province by typing @ and immediately the words “The Vancouver Province.”

I am very excited about this and I hope you can be excited for me. Happy trails readers!

Occupy Glendale: An Open Letter To Kyle Turris
October 28, 2011, 14:31
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Mr. Pennyworth thinks he’s worth a lot of pennies!

**Author’s note: This post is the first in Josh Hall’s bid to Replace the KB as part of The Province Newspaper’s Hockey Blogger Competition. When sharing on twitter or facebook, please use the hashtags #ReplaceTheKB and #ProvNeedsVancan. Thank you for supporting Josh in his quest! For more info on the details of the contest and other bloggers, click HERE!**

By Josh Hall

Dear Kyle Turris,

We get it. Phoenix sucks.

Now listen here. You are being the most spoiled little brat the NHL has seen since…dare I say it…Pavel Bure, albeit for somewhat different reasons. Hockey fans and fans of yours expect more from you; a lot more. So please Kyle, allow me to break it down for you by the numbers.

According to this Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo, you were initially requesting 4 million dollars a year over 3 years.

I’m sure you remember that fateful day back in 2007 in Columbus, Ohio where you were drafted 3rd overall behind Patrick Kane and James Van Riemsdyk. Would you happen to know what they’ve done since then?

Kane has won a Stanley Cup. He also has 311 points in 325 regular season games. That’s a stellar 0.96 point per game average. This season, Patrick Kane is going to earn 6 million dollars. I’ll be honest, the way the market is, Kane can rightly demand that type of money based on what he has done for his team in his first four seasons.

Van Riemsdyk took a bit longer to break into the league than Kane, particularly because the Flyers weren’t floundering as much as the Hawks at the time. Alas he has amassed 82 points (40 goals) in 163 games. That makes for a point per game average just above 0.50. Vanny is slated to earn 2.5 million dollars this season; fairly reasonable for a guy who has put up 15+ goals in his first two seasons. He also has four goals in the first ten games of this season. Now he’s no Danny Briere but hey, he’s out there proving his worth and knowing his role. Take a lesson from him you jabroni.

You, Kyle Turris of New Westminster, BC and former Burnaby Express player of the BCHL; well you have put up more points in the AHL than the NHL. Maybe you deserve to be there. We understand that Gretz didn’t really give you a chance in what could have been your full rookie season. You played three games.  But since then, you have gone from 63 games in the NHL one season, to 76 in the AHL the next and 65 in the NHL the very next and you’ve still really done ish all. Sure you haven’t ever said Phoenix sucks to the media and you certainly never will, but let’s assume you do in fact think that. First of all, you would be right. The lack of stardom is embarrassing. Shane Doan and Keith Yandle are in a lonely, lonely place down in Glendale. But shouldn’t all that mean that a skilled player such as yourself should be able to take the reins and put up more than 27 points in 131 games?

Ya know it’s almost as if there’s a miniature Gary Bettman inside your head repeatedly telling you to continue being greedy! Tip: Don’t listen to him.

Are you starting to see how that 4 million you’ve been demanding is a wee bit outrageous? Even take a look down the draft list from 2007. Who was drafted after you and has been more successful? Do the names Sam Gagner, Jakub Voracek, Logan Couture (finalist for Calder last year), Brandon Sutter, Max Paccioretty, Kevin Shattenkirk and David Perron ring a bell? All have been more successful than you and all have earned the contracts they now have, which average $1.67 Million earned this season.

To put this even more in contrast for you, let’s look at Ryan Kesler’s contract. He makes 5 million dollars this year. So according to you and your agent, you are 80% the player Kesler is? Hell to the freakin’ NO man! Get a grip!

Seriously though, you are 22 years old! You have not even come close to proving yourself as worth four million dollars. Allow me to save you the breath and tell you that No, Junior A doesn’t count. That got you drafted, now do something else. That being said, allow me to repeat this. We all get it. Phoenix sucks. The team is lacklustre. The city is not a hockey market. People in the Glendale area are just not interested in hockey in the way players like yourself who dedicate their lives towards the game deserve. I do actually feel bad for you in that respect.

But there’s something called character. Right now, all you have proven is that you don’t have it. Sure, you had the balls to now come out and demand a trade but the management isn’t budging. So what are you going to do now? I will tell you what you should do.

Walk into that dressing room, face all of your teammates and tell them you are sorry. Tell them you’ve been conceited and let them know that you are ready to do anything for any of them off and especially, ON the ice. You have to know in your heart and head that a guy like Shane Doan has slaved himself endlessly to make a hockey living in a place like Phoenix. That man, your captain, deserves a team that respects the city, regardless of it being a hockey market or not.

Next, you go tell your agent to take the next offer Phoenix management is willing to give you because I guarantee, anything they could offer would be fair. You sign that contract and you play in Phoenix. If you were actually granted a trade, I would hope fans all over the league give you the Dany Heatley treatment, a la Ottawa.

Should you eventually sign a contract in Phoenix, maybe you will be lucky enough to one day (possibly very soon) have that franchise move to say, a city in Canada. Deep down, you know and I know that is exactly what you want. But for Wall Street’s sake, pitch your proverbial tent down in the desert and enjoy it. If you don’t, then when you’re 40 and on the verge of retiring, you’ll regret it.

The main message here is that to get anywhere in the best hockey league in the world, you have to pay your dues. Gretzky did. Yeah, remember him? Where ishe now?

Yours in hockey lore,

Josh Hall

Booth Shafting The Silent G
October 23, 2011, 12:58
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credit to @QueenCrash (a rabid hawks fan) on twitter for this glorious picture!

By Josh Hall

Silent Letters: In an alphabetic writing system, a silent letter is a letter that, in a particular word, does not correspond to any sound in the word’s pronunciation. Silent letters create problems for both native and non-native speakers of a language, as they make it more difficult to guess the spellings of spoken words.

I love Cody Hodgson. This is probably why Alain Vigneault and I have never really become BFF’s. Saturday afternoon, as we all are aware, the Canucks picked up LW and All American American David Booth from the Florida Panthers. Sorry, did I say picked up? I meant they called him up!

Anyhow, from what I can understand from Gillis’ presser, he wants Booth to be a top six forward and left winger to play alongside Ryan Kesler.  MG said, “I think he gives us an opportunity to have a top 6 forward, a left winger to play with Ryan Kesler.” Naturally, you’d think that means Higgins, the left winger that he is, would go down to the 3rd line. However, it seems the general consensus is that COHO will once again get the short end of the stick and have to pack HIS bags for a cold and wintery trip down to the 3rd line.

@SportsnetMurph even tweeted, Higgins, Kesler will likely play with Booth….

He also said la-dee-da about Reinprecht but no one really cares about him.

Cody Hodgson or ‘Silent G’ as I call him, among other things seems to have inebriated Alain Vigneault in such a way, that even his stellar play thus far, is silent to AV’s ears. If the Canucks are an alphabetic system, but ranked instead by skill level and effort put in, Hodgson should be near the top of the list. However, that silent G in his name apparently doesn’t correspond with any of Coach Vee’s francaise pronunciations. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about COHO hitting the 3rd line as soon as Tuesday afternoon versus the Oilers.

Ya know what? Booth’s wavy hair and childish smile can stay out of this love affair. As the definition of silent letters says: “Silent letters create problems for both native and non-native speakers of a language” and Booth, along with AV, clearly don’t understand the language of love.

I mean BOOTH? Come on. That’s something you sit or stand in. Maybe the next sign at a game should say “Occupy Booth.” Or at the very least, the new Left Winger should tweet from his phone on the bench during the game.

My beef here is clearly with COHO being the odd man out. Now let’s say he gets demoted to the 3rd and Booth is given an opportunity to flourish with the likes of Kes and Higgy. Cody, who has earned his top six minutes, will be playing a wing alongside Hansen and Malhotra, or Hanny and Manny as I call them. The thing with Hodgson is he actually needs to play with offensively minded players. Credit to Manny and Hanny, they’re not defensemen, but Hodgson has a much better chance of putting up some points with Kesler beside him.

Then Booth gets a shot on the 2nd line. Booth and Higgins are both left wingers and they are both left handed. Obviously, they both can’t line up to the left of Kesler, so one will play RW. In my experience, you have a significantly different and arguably better angle to shoot from if you are left handed and play on the right side, and vice versa. So if Hodgson is right handed, why not put him on left wing and Higgins or Booth (preferably Higgins) on the right side of the 2nd line?!

Trade rumours have been plentiful when it comes to Hodgson the last couple years. People want to call him a bust and get rid of him to some team that I guarantee, would love to have him. Hodgson, who I’d rate in the Canucks all-time top 10 draft picks, is slowly proving to us he has what it takes. This organization is brimming with offensive talent, which is why it’s been so hard for him to get in there. Just when a spot would open up, Gillis would go get another player and leave Hodgson stranded. Let me remind everyone that Cody Hodgson was the CHL Player of the year in 2009 and also led the WJC in scoring that same year.

Obviously I realise David Booth’s -6 and 1 assist in 6 games have come with a Florida team that is basically filled with defensive liabilities and overall, not very good players. But shouldn’t AV be giving COHO the benefit of the doubt here?

Then there is Mike Gillis, who drafted Cody Hodgson 10th overall way back in 2008. You’d think the guy would have more pressure on the shoulders of Vigneault to play the guy, so as not to make himself look like an idiot. Yeah, he’ll still be playing on the 3rd if nothing else, but ‘Silent G’ was once dubbed the next Trevor Linden. Cody Hodgson wears #9, as famous a hockey number as you can get without adding another 9. Cut the kid some slack for Luongod’s sake! Is Gillis losing faith in Hodgson? If so, not good.

This kid hasn’t had a break since he’s been drafted. He should have made the team out of training camp two years ago. Who’s David Booth to swoop in with his double dimples and say, “Sorry Cody, but, uhm, I’m just going to take your 2ndline spot that you’ve earned. Hope that’s alright with you!”

I’m starting to think AV and MG for some odd reason, don’t want Cody to fit in here. It’s crazy but what other explanation is there? First you make him play wing and then you drop him to the 3rd line? Give the kid a chance. This is really the first real one he has had since being drafted.

I guess that silent G just makes him hard to understand. He’s like the kid in school who never eats with everyone else in the cafeteria, but alone on the stairs up on the 3rd floor. Wow, Cody and I have something in common.

In conclusion I will say this: if MUH BOI ‘Silent G’ is eventually shipped out of here, well he can join Bobby Lu and I for lunch at the airport!

PS Cody: I cried when I couldn’t make it to the signing at the Team Store the other day. Forgive me!

This article brought to you by the Sarcasm Society of Vancouver. Don’t forget to get your detectors checked monthly!

Bobby Lu, How Do You Do?
October 19, 2011, 11:26
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By Josh Hall

Hotbed (gardening), a pile of decaying organic matter warmer than its surrounding due to the heat given off by the metabolism of the microorganisms in the decomposing pile”

“Hotbed (economics), a situation conducive to rapid growth or development”

It’s become quite unclear in recent days as to which of these applies to the situation Roberto Luongo finds himself in, playing for the Vancouver Canucks.

Not that I think Luongo should be blamed for the loss to the Rangers, but the way some “fans” criticize Bobby Lu is worse than how you would turn your nose to a pile of decaying matter.

There is no doubt in my mind that Luongo is strong mentally. He had an entire country on his shoulders in February 2010 and whether you like it or not, backed that team to a gold medal.

The Italian Stallion made arguably the save of his life on Patrick Sharp in Overtime of Game 7 against Chicago this past April.

Finally, #1 had not one, but TWO shutouts in the Stanley Cup Finals. The guy’s no cerebral assassin (begging Triple H not to sue), but he has been around the block. Yes, he forgot to pick up the milk at the corner store, but hopefully there will be more opportunities to come.

The thing is, despite Luongo’s apparent mental fortitude, based on all of the above, he seems to lack that confidence every October that anyone should have if they’re getting paid 7 Million Dollars. I’m not going to argue about player salaries and say that Lu is overpaid. I’ve always maintained that players getting millions is just the nature of the beast that is professional sports. That being said, it still doesn’t make much sense that Luongo can play so fantastically from November to June (every 2nd game), but play like decaying matter in October. There’s no denying he’s been uncharacteristically flaily so far, and that he seems to lay like a frog on the ice every time an opponent is in close. He needs to work those kinks out and I know he will. Will everything be fixed tomorrow? Nope! One must have patience and most people in Vancity don’t have that.

Vancouver is often described as a hockey hotbed and there’s no denying that. The problem with that is that one day, those “fans” I mentioned, are going to run Luongo out of town. Sure, Lu is a Canadian kid, and any Canadian player would say it’s a dream come true to play in a Canadian city; but if Luongo waived his no trade clause tomorrow and asked to be traded back to Florida or somewhere a team doesn’t belong, I honestly could not blame him. He is a human being people. I dare someone to tell me they don’t have bad days at work; and money is relative. The abuse Luongo takes is ridiculous and it’s borderline criminal. “Fans” treat him like…well do I have to go back to the decaying matter thing again? It’s true. It really is.

Take a look at the other definition of hotbed. “A situation conducive to rapid growth and development.”

The environment Luongo plays in every October is not conducive to development. Last night in the media scrum he was asked if he heard the jeers when he went to collect the puck in the slot. There couldn’t be a dumber question. The media doesn’t help. Luongo answered by saying he has ears. Can I blame him for being sarcastic? NO! Look, whether you like it or not, Luongo is the best goalie we have ever had. He IS better than Captain Kirk. He IS better than Richard Brodeur. He IS better than Dan Cloutier. Forget fans outside of Vancouver who razz Luongo, he gets razzed worse by people in his own city. It’s not like the section of the crowd that gave Lu the Bronx cheer was all NYR or Chicago Blackhawks fans.

I will say it again: if the people of this city who claim to be “fans” of this team cannot see how obviously a game like last night was not Luongo’s fault at all, we can all say Arrivederci to our former Captain and Olympic Gold Medallist goaltender. Frankly, I’ll offer right now to buy Luongo lunch to say sorry on behalf of all real Canucks fans when he does buy that plane ticket out of here.

Follow Up post: “5 Reasons to Keep Roberto Luongo” on NWSPORTSBEAT.COM

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