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Lu’s New Lid Fails

Last night I posed a question to my Twitter Followers and received a few responses. This result is often desired when posing a question. The question?

Roberto Luongo’s New Mask is ___________! (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK) Yes, fill in the blanks are still fun, but more importantly, convenient.

This is Roberto Luongo’s New Mask (picture credit to InGoalMagazine)


My first response was from @JustinCyderHaus who said:

@vancan19 old and seen before?”

Well Justin, perhaps that is because it bears a minor resemblance to the mask of one Ring of Honouree, Captain Kirk Mclean. Some may argue I am stretching it, but take a look here at McLean’s old hood:

Is it perhaps the V-shaped striping on the chin of the mask Mr. Haus? The striping doesn’t go straight the back from the chin like Luongo’s does, but the illusion could still be there upon first glance at it. So you are correct Cyder, it is seen before. In terms of it being old? Well no, it is in fact brand spankin’ new. And what’s wrong with being old? My grandma ia 84 this coming month and she makes damn good chocolate chip cookies.

My next response was from @axmack!

Mr. Mack tweeted, “@vancan19: Luongo’s new mask is……(_______ON HIS HEAD_______) YOU FILL IN THE BLANKS!”

I pride myself on knowing when someone is being sarcastic and my sarcasm detector which I was given for being awesome, was going off incessantly upon reading this.

Anyways, this tweeter is once again correct, except for the instances when Luongo is in bed, Luongo is at the grocery store, or when Kesler is wearing it.

Oh Kesler! By the way, if you missed it, catch Kes Kesler-Bombing Global Anchor Chris Gailus at the Raise A Reader event Wednesday morning. You have to watch the entire video. Gailus Gets Kesler Bombed

The final response lucky enough to grace this blog post was one of disgust. One of hate. One…of…revoltedness. It comes from @canuckgirl20!

@vancan19 Is..UGH.”

At first I thought you were referring to me CanuckGirl20, but then I realised you were replying to my question of the century and were hence referring to Luongo’s new mask.

While I can only deduce that you would hit the proverbial facebook dislike button should a picture of the mask appear on said social network, I can personally relate to your disdain by posting a picture of these:

Ugh Indeed!

AAALLLLLLL THIS BEING SAID, I think it’s necessary to point out that Cory Schneider’s mask takes the cake. It takes Luongo’s April 4th, 2012 33rd Birthday Cake.

Look at this thing (pic also credit to In Goal Magazine):

It is a brilliant homage to former Canucks goalie Curt Ridley’s mask seen here:

Ridley played 104 Regular Season Games, 96 of which were with the Canucks from 1975-1980. In those 4 seasons, he went 27-47-16. Those were the years when the Canucks were still…well let’s be honest…SHIT!

In the last couple seasons, Schneidz has hit the mark much more often than Bobby Lu. Cory’s mask last season was another homage to past Canucks tenders, but it featured smaller versions of other masks from “greats” such as John Garrett and Gary Bromley. Even Schneider’s half Moose-half Canucks mask from when he was still breaking into the NHL was nice than the one Luongo has now.

It seems like every mask Luongo has had over the past few seasons has featured the same pukey yellow tan background. It isn’t attractive!  Obviously the team’s colours are different from when Luongo first came to Vancity, but I must admit the masks he had to start here, which featured a more life like version of Johnny Canuck, were much better.

See these two. The one on the left features that pukey hue and the right one is the vintage Luongo mask I speak of:

Most goalies have some personal connection to what is on their mask and for myself, that’s what makes a mask unique, not necessarily JUST the images on the front. Schneider’s new mask has 3 things on the back. The American Flag, “Schneidz” and the phrase, “None Shall Pass.” That to me screams CARING and EFFORT. I haven’t seen any of that from Luongo, which is why I personally rate his bland, vomit inducing mask, one of the worst in the NHL.

The Vancouver Canucks official twitter feed @vancanucks literally tweeted me 5 minutes after posting and told me this:

@vancan19 Last night’s mask will not be the lid Lou wears during the season. New mask is being painted.”

Thank goodness!


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