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Lu’s New Lid Fails

Last night I posed a question to my Twitter Followers and received a few responses. This result is often desired when posing a question. The question?

Roberto Luongo’s New Mask is ___________! (YOU FILL IN THE BLANK) Yes, fill in the blanks are still fun, but more importantly, convenient.

This is Roberto Luongo’s New Mask (picture credit to InGoalMagazine)


My first response was from @JustinCyderHaus who said:

@vancan19 old and seen before?”

Well Justin, perhaps that is because it bears a minor resemblance to the mask of one Ring of Honouree, Captain Kirk Mclean. Some may argue I am stretching it, but take a look here at McLean’s old hood:

Is it perhaps the V-shaped striping on the chin of the mask Mr. Haus? The striping doesn’t go straight the back from the chin like Luongo’s does, but the illusion could still be there upon first glance at it. So you are correct Cyder, it is seen before. In terms of it being old? Well no, it is in fact brand spankin’ new. And what’s wrong with being old? My grandma ia 84 this coming month and she makes damn good chocolate chip cookies.

My next response was from @axmack!

Mr. Mack tweeted, “@vancan19: Luongo’s new mask is……(_______ON HIS HEAD_______) YOU FILL IN THE BLANKS!”

I pride myself on knowing when someone is being sarcastic and my sarcasm detector which I was given for being awesome, was going off incessantly upon reading this.

Anyways, this tweeter is once again correct, except for the instances when Luongo is in bed, Luongo is at the grocery store, or when Kesler is wearing it.

Oh Kesler! By the way, if you missed it, catch Kes Kesler-Bombing Global Anchor Chris Gailus at the Raise A Reader event Wednesday morning. You have to watch the entire video. Gailus Gets Kesler Bombed

The final response lucky enough to grace this blog post was one of disgust. One of hate. One…of…revoltedness. It comes from @canuckgirl20!

@vancan19 Is..UGH.”

At first I thought you were referring to me CanuckGirl20, but then I realised you were replying to my question of the century and were hence referring to Luongo’s new mask.

While I can only deduce that you would hit the proverbial facebook dislike button should a picture of the mask appear on said social network, I can personally relate to your disdain by posting a picture of these:

Ugh Indeed!

AAALLLLLLL THIS BEING SAID, I think it’s necessary to point out that Cory Schneider’s mask takes the cake. It takes Luongo’s April 4th, 2012 33rd Birthday Cake.

Look at this thing (pic also credit to In Goal Magazine):

It is a brilliant homage to former Canucks goalie Curt Ridley’s mask seen here:

Ridley played 104 Regular Season Games, 96 of which were with the Canucks from 1975-1980. In those 4 seasons, he went 27-47-16. Those were the years when the Canucks were still…well let’s be honest…SHIT!

In the last couple seasons, Schneidz has hit the mark much more often than Bobby Lu. Cory’s mask last season was another homage to past Canucks tenders, but it featured smaller versions of other masks from “greats” such as John Garrett and Gary Bromley. Even Schneider’s half Moose-half Canucks mask from when he was still breaking into the NHL was nice than the one Luongo has now.

It seems like every mask Luongo has had over the past few seasons has featured the same pukey yellow tan background. It isn’t attractive!  Obviously the team’s colours are different from when Luongo first came to Vancity, but I must admit the masks he had to start here, which featured a more life like version of Johnny Canuck, were much better.

See these two. The one on the left features that pukey hue and the right one is the vintage Luongo mask I speak of:

Most goalies have some personal connection to what is on their mask and for myself, that’s what makes a mask unique, not necessarily JUST the images on the front. Schneider’s new mask has 3 things on the back. The American Flag, “Schneidz” and the phrase, “None Shall Pass.” That to me screams CARING and EFFORT. I haven’t seen any of that from Luongo, which is why I personally rate his bland, vomit inducing mask, one of the worst in the NHL.

The Vancouver Canucks official twitter feed @vancanucks literally tweeted me 5 minutes after posting and told me this:

@vancan19 Last night’s mask will not be the lid Lou wears during the season. New mask is being painted.”

Thank goodness!

Proof I Believed!
September 26, 2011, 23:30
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As Canucks fans await the commencement of the 2011-12 NHL Season, I wanted to share this Facebook note I came across. I wrote it on April 25th, 2011, the eve of Game 7 vs. Chicago. The Canucks had won Games 1, 2 and 3, and lost 4, 5 and 6.

“Resiliency has proven a worthy adjective of this mighty team. In turmoil, they find themselves right now, but they will prevail. Oh yes, they will prevail. Brave are men who are knocked down. Heroic, be the ones who get back up, dust off their shoes, pull up their socks and get back down to business. The Vancouver Canucks will not fall and may all the non-believers out there piss right off! Your putrid disdain for a loss makes me want to hurl. Come Sunday, History Will Be Made! Go Canucks Go!”

This BELIEF is what keeps the most hardcore of the hardcore, passionate TRUE Canucks fans going! Here’s to a Stanley Cup come June 2012!

BCHL 50TH Season Kicks Off
September 23, 2011, 15:45
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By Josh Hall

Sixty minutes until the puck drops on a new season for the Coquitlam Express and Penticton Vees.

The rink in its entirety is dead silent. That is with the exception of a, “Testing, 1, 2, 3,” from the pressbox. Oh, and not to mention the two teams dry training in the walkway around the small arena.

Fifty minutes, and the obligatory pump-up music starts blaring. The score clock reads 17:38, and you know in that small amount of time, a bunch of jacked up, adrenaline charged young hockey players will finally hit the ice for their first pre-game warm-up of this new regular season.

Fans start to file in, and don’t let the level of hockey fool you, that being Junior ‘A.’ People are excited and the players on the two squads are out to prove they have what it takes to play in the big leagues, the National Hockey League. Bet your bottom dollar scouts are watching. That’s why I usually say that hockey at the junior ranks is often more exciting. Sure, a guy like Roberto has haters to prove wrong, but these kids have everything to prove.

The clash of skate blades and frozen water begins.

It was a close matchup…for 40 minutes, which is when Penticton took their biggest lead of the game, 5-2 and never looked back. Coquitlam fans were treated to a rousing player introduction ceremony and ceremonial puck drop with the Mayor of Coquitlam. The puck drop which ensued kicked off the BCHL’s 50th season, which promises to be once again, exciting as ever and provide a look at some future stars of the NHL. Oddly enough during the player introductions, a compilation of past calls featured the name Kyle Turris, an Express Alumni. Turris is currently involved in a holdout with the Phoenix Coyotes.

Back to the game that was taking place. Coquitlam came back twice from 1 goal deficits in the 1st period but succumbed to a Penticton team that finished 2nd in the Interior Conference last season. It was scrappy affair too. Vees D-Man Kyle Beaulieu was assessed 2 for Hooking, 2 for Checking from Behind and a game misconduct all on the same play at 17:21 of the 1st period. Thankfully his victim got up and was alright. A Ballard-esque hip-check in the 2nd period amidst plenty of pushing, shoving and face washes gave the game a higher level of feistiness to say the least. Mitts were never dropped though.

Coquitlam, who finished second last in the Coastal Conference last season didn’t start off the season as they exactly hoped, but there were a couple things they can take solace in. First of all, they actually went 2/4 on the Powerplay. That beats Penticton’s special teams effort of 0/6 on the PP. As well, their Captain, #9 Alex Petan led by example with one of the goals. Petan is from Delta and remains undrafted at 19 years of age.

Impressive for the Vees was their Captain and also #9 Joey Benik. The native of Andover, Minnesota scored 30 goals and 56 points in all 60 games for the Vees last season and he added his first two of this season, notching a goal and an assist. Benik is 19 and is committed to St. Cloud State University for the 2012-13 season.

Now tonight’s game was the first of 12 in the Team 1040’s Annual Broadcast series of BCHL games. The next one up is on October 8th when the Powell River Kings face the Langley Rivermen at the brand new Langley Events Centre. We here at VanCity Sports Blog want you to know that we will be there every step of the way. Coming up, we will provide not only more compelling stories and recaps, but video interviews with players and experts.

If you are interested, the Coquitlam Express play next at home on Friday the 30th vs. Salmon Arm. The Penticton Vees play next in Chilliwack tomorrow night, the 24th, against the Chiefs.

Teach Me How To DUCO!

I decided to Re-Write Teach Me How To Dougie by CaliSwag after he had such a great game tonight versus Edmonton. I was drinking while I re-wrote this! Hope you Love it, and learn how to Duco!

Warning: this post doesn’t represent my actual writing skills!

Ayo! Ayo!
Teach me how to Duco (ayo! )

They be like Luuuu! (what?)
Can u teach me how to Duco?
You know why?
‘Cause all the Tweeters love me. (ayo! )
All I need is a team that’s super slumpin’,
And for you, you, you to beak em off and dump ‘em!
Put your fingers on the keys, and get off the schneid,
Ye Hordi gon’ fight you when you hit dat Duco right!
Ain’t nobody Puckin’ wid da bro with the quick Left, Right!
He go by Ducky and he hit dat ice with blunders,
I ain’t from T-Dot but I T-Dot flounder!
He show his tweets off and errbody tryna follow,
Dem pre-season goals and skillz are hard to swallow!
You just do you and pass it to me (all day),
Zebras love to hate so they try to screw me,
Stortini be stuck to me, I think they tryna do me,
I makin’ all da highlights den TSN Top 10’s me,
Dis opponent’s  bubblegum so I had to chew him!

Teach me how to Duco,
Teach me, teach me how to Duco,
Teach me how to Duco,
Teach me, teach me how to Duco,
All my team-mates love me,
All my, all my team-mates love me,
All my team-mates love me,
You ain’t Puckin wid my Duco! x2

[Verse 2]
My name is Burrrr!
For da dudes who I haven’t bitten,
I know I’m from da East but I can teach you how to Duco!
Step up in da rink and all these snitches touch me,
All da Hosers hosin’, none of them can dope me,
I hear da guy screamin’ like “Ayo! Get it Kessss!”
So it’s in my mouth and I make a big messss!
Dey like “why you do dat? He just Duco’s on the floor!”
And when dat Hoser stop they like “Duco me some mo’!”
I’m like a hoser kinda tired so, I pass it to ma bro!
K-bone! Show these cats how to do deke em out their pants,

Den they learned real fast as you brought it through their hood.

And got da whole league askin…

Teach me how to Duco,
Teach me, teach me how to Duco,
Teach me how to Duco,
Teach me, teach me how to Duco,
All my team-mates love me,
All my, all my team-mates love me,
All my team-mates love me,
You ain’t Puckin wid my Duco! x2
[Verse 3]
On my backside, I don’t really like to flounder,
I’m just tryna get bent and meet a 1st rounder,
(Mmm) she do her Duco and all them Hosers hatin’ but I’m bout
To escape with just a 2 and head home. (Puck it)
She about to Duco and become sloppy seconds,
And Avery’d touch it even if she had a dong.

She like Phaneuf, I think she love me but,
I change da subject and I do my Duco,
Cuz, I don’t give a Puck, blow Cuthbert, get money (Elishaaaa)
Me, Luuuu, Burrr n Kes in the back with puck bunnies,
We gon’ make em do the Duco in the middle of da ice,
And when I asked for some icetime dat biznasty looked at me funny
Daaah! snitch you can’t tell me no all star turn up da heat,
And I just put it top shelf, I just see the Duco when errrybody
Flubbin and I hate Flyers jofas cuz the CarBomb keep flunkin!

Teach me how to Duco,
Teach me, teach me how to Duco,
Teach me how to Duco,
Teach me, teach me how to Duco,
All my team-mates love me,
All my, all my team-mates love me,
All my team-mates love me,
You ain’t Puckin wid my Duco! x2

Baby Canucks Open Tourney With Loss
September 12, 2011, 14:28
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By Josh Hall

You could hear the cheers in Edmonton all the way from Penticton. A 7-2 victory in the Oilers’ opening game of the NHL Young Stars Tournament over the Canucks no doubt induced a myriad of closet Oilers fans to dub this group a future dynasty like those of the 80’s.

Maybe I’m just defending my baby Canucks, but I digress. In their opening game of the tournament, the Canucks got slaughtered but it was more on some shaky goaltending from David Honzik. Hailing from Milevsko, Czech Republic, Honzik played just over 34 minutes and allowed 6 goals on 23 shots. Despite being porous for most of the time he played, he did rob 2011 1st Overall Pick Ryan Nugent-Hopkins point blank in the 1st period. The Hoznikian one was drafted 71st overall this past June by the Canucks.

The 2nd period was really where it all fell apart. Headed to the 2nd tied at 1-1 on the power of a goal from RW Darren Archibald (1G, 1A), Vancouver looked to pull ahead in front of a solid Penticton crowd. That’s when Hoznik let in a few softies and the game got feisty. It was bound to happen, and the first of three fights got underway straight from the center ice faceoff. It was Cameron Abney against the Nucks Sawyer Hannay who started off slow but took it to Abney in the end. The fight lasted about 60 seconds. Sadly, that still didn’t swing any momentum the Canucks’ way.

The next prospect to step on the ice was backup Karel St. Laurent. A native of Ville Ste.-Catherine, Karel played with Surrey of the BCHL last season and was an attendee at Canucks summer development camp. He is unsigned by Vancouver but will showcase his skills to the other four teams in the tournament who may be interested in a goalie at the AHL level.

The 3rd period was not the scene of a comeback but it did give Canucks fans something to cheer about as Czech born D Adam Polasek got into a fight with Colton Teubert and promptly broke his nose with a puch to the face as clean as you will ever see. Polasek eventually left the penalty box limping, left the game and returned a little while later. Polasek was chosen 145th overall by the Canucks in 2010. You can watch Teubert get dropped by Polasek here!

The final score was 7-2 after Canucks 2010 1st round pick Jordan Schroederscored to cut the deficit to 5.

Newly crowned Chicago Wolves head coach Craig Mactavish said after the game, “It’s a good lesson for everybody. You have to play the game the right wayand I was happy with the way we corrected ourselves in the 3rd.” You can see his full post-game comments here!

Might I add that Mactavish looked fitting and yet very strange behind Canucks colours for the first time on the bench.

The NHL Young Stars tournament continues today when the Canucks, as mentioned, play the Flames at 4pm PST. This game will be live on Sportsnet and the rest of the games will be streamed live on and The tournament features squads from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and San Jose.

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C’s: An Entertaining Championship Squad
September 11, 2011, 13:55
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By Josh Hall

Call me a homer or call me a bandwagoner. Having never been to a Vancouver Canadians baseball game before this season, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A championship helps, but even if the C’s had lost today, I can sum up action at the Nat in one word: Entertaining.

Today, the Canadians faced off in a winner take all game three in the Northwest League Final. Today, the Canadians won their first ever NWL title in 12 seasons as a franchise. It was powered by a 2nd strong post-season performance from Jesse Hernandez who threw 9 K’s, a career high, in 6 innings pitched. Hernandez was signed by the Blue Jays as a free agent in June 2010.

If you’ve followed the C’s all season long, you can attest to the story of two completely different halves. Tying for top spot in the first half, they took 2nddue to an inferior head to head record (5-7) against Eugene. Hoping to take the 2nd playoff spot by winning the 2nd half, they promptly failed at doing so, finishing dead last and yet squeaking into the playoffs as Eugene managed to win the 2nd half as well. Vancouver took said spot by virtue of having the 2nd best overall record. The team used the newspaper headlines saying they, “…backed in,” as bulletin board material.

It sure worked.

Up until today’s Game 3 season ending matchup, the road team had won in all of the C’s playoff games. It was Eugene in fact, who was up 1-0 in the opening series after taking Game 1 in Vancouver. It was all but over on paper, as Eugene not only took both halves in the West Division but the best overall record of all 8 teams in the NWL. Well the C’s gave the Em’s a swift kick in the rump the next night by winning 10-3 in Eugene, and then won a deciding game three after giving up a 5-0 lead only to win 5-4.

Off to the finals they went, taking game one in Pasco, Washington, home of the Tri-City Dust Devils. The Devils had the 2nd best overall record during the regular season. These C’s were for real and weren’t taking “on paper” statistics as legitimate reasons for why they should lose. Alas, it wasn’t going to end easily and TC took game two at The Nat by a score of 5-3.

It should be noted that due to NWL rules, despite Tri-City having a superior regular season record, Vancouver was privy to 2/3 finals games at home.

Finally, as mentioned, the Canadians did take today’s Championship match and handily, topping the Dust-Devils by a score of 9-2.

If there’s one thing I want people take away from this story and this year’s results for the Vancouver Canadians, it’s that baseball does work in Canada and Vancouver, more specifically. Not only have we see a star rising in Brett Lawrie from Langley become a starting 3B for the Toronto Blue Jays, but the Canadians this season became an affiliate of Canada’s only MLB team, said Toronto Blue Jays. It’s even been rumoured the C’s could be promoted to Triple-A ball next season from their current Single-A Short Season status.

The Canucks, Lions and it seems the Whitecaps will always garner more fans due to being in Major Leagues and having larger stadiums, but it cannot be denied the Canadians put out an entertainment value that is basically second to none.

The players come from all over the world to play in our city, so next season, when the 2012 Canadians take the field, go out to the Nat and welcome them with open arms for they really are the Best in the West.

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Championship Cometh
September 8, 2011, 13:51
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By Josh Hall

Just when you thought the boys from Vancity were down and out of the Northwest League West Division Final, they stunned, and they shocked. Vancouver who had an overall road record of 14-24 this regular season, lost game 1 at the Nat and surely, on the brink of elimination headed to Eugene, were finished.

What happened was nothing short of a major upset. Vancouver did in fact close out the series last night with a tight 5-4 victory but the story is more about how they got to that point. It begins with game two.

Travelling to Eugene for the first time since mid-July, the C’s knew what they needed to do and knew it was a big job. The Emeralds won both halves of the season in the West Division handily. Back when these two teams played though, Vancouver took 3 of the 6 games played in Eugene and limited the Em’s to 3 runs in those three games compared to their 20. The sides hardly knew each other going into this series and yet it was assumed that Eugene had the upper hand, which they did going in. They proved that in Game 1, blowing out Vancouver 8-3.

Game 2 got underway in Eugene and it was clear the C’s weren’t going down without a fight. Leading by a score of 2-1 going into the 6th, the C’s scored, count ‘em, EIGHT runs in the inning. The final score was 10-3 and a message was sent. The story was the same as the regular season. Now in four wins the Canadians had managed at PK Park, the Em’s had been outrun 30-6.

Twenty-four hours later, the atmosphere was tense; the stadium was full and the crowd in Eugene ready to celebrate a game three victory and a trip to the NWL final. Surely, it was their day. That feeling didn’t last long as the Em’s found themselves down 5-0 after three innings. But Eugene didn’t win both halves for nothing. They fought back and come the bottom of the 9th, it was 5-3 Vancouver. Justin Miller scores for the Emeralds and it’s suddenly 5-4, an intentional walk and the bases are loaded with 1 out. The crowd was volatile and so were the players. On a delayed strikeout call on Travis Whitmore, he became irate with the umpire. Eventually cooler heads prevailed but now the C’s were only 1 out away from a trip to the Final.

It was pure beauty, the simplest of baseball plays, a grounder to shortstop and the throw to first. That was it. Series over and an upset of fairly epic proportions. The comeback of the season.

The C’s did what they needed to do, keep it tight and stay ahead.

Bring on those Dust-Devils Friday in Pasco, Washington.

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