Vancan Outta The Blue

CBC Studios and the Canucks

I went downtown tonight to the CBC Studios at Hamilton & Georgia to catch Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. While I am extremely satisfied with the end result of the game, I am very disappointed with how the entire CBC, closed street, outdoor screen experience turned out. Here is my list of peeves from tonight:


-The “Big Screen” isn’t really that big
-The screen has a poor picture
-The resolution of the picture didn’t even fit the screen
-People were smoking cigarettes and cigars…and POT in the portable washrooms
-They had an alcohol check when you enter but clearly no one was checking for marijuana
-People were standing; should be a rule to be sitting like at a game
-The standing ruined sight lines and it we had to keep asking people to move


-The sound quality was excellent and perfectly audible
-Food carts were easily accessible (expensive though)
-There were plenty of portable washrooms (although you had to walk through a sea of people to get to the one location they were at)

I know a lot of people will say, “Well, the reason they have it set up is for the atmosphere, not the size or quality of the TV, but ya know what, for some people who take watching these games seriously, the true fans who can’t afford to go to the game, want to watch on a decent screen. The atmosphere was great right at the end of the game, but of course that wasn’t throughout.

I would suggest for the future that CBC actually does this by selling tickets, FOR FREE OF COURSE, but have tickets so that you have control over thing like how many people are coming in, and so that people are guaranteed a specific seat. It would not take too much effort to set up seats all over that street and set up a couple more screens for people to watch.

Maybe I just shouldn’t complain and instead just not go down there anymore. I’m sure some people loved it, but I personally would’ve found a bar somewhere or even watched at home in my living room.

Either way, GO CANUCKS GO

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