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Canucks and that Sinking Feeling
May 19, 2011, 16:06
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There comes a time when something that has recently happened or is happening starts to sink in. Until that moment, it’s kind of like, “Wow, I CAN ride this bicycle!” It’s surreal as they say, because usually it’s something that doesn’t typically take place in everyday life or YOUR everyday life.

The run the Canucks are on right now is starting to sink in. That being said, should the Canucks go on to win the Cup (knock on wood), I don’t think the real fact of what had happened would actually sink in for quite a while. For many Canucks fans, a cup win this season (next month) would cease 40 years of waiting. And hey, I’m pointing out the obvious here BECAUSE the first portion of this run has been completed and now we’re on to phase three or two, or however you choose to look at it.

Last night, just walking around the apartment, I find myself talking TO myself and just saying out loud: “The Vancouver Canucks, my team, this team is only two wins away from a Stanley Cup Final, just two wins, and only six wins away from actually winning the cup!” That is literally what I say to myself because it’s just so hard to believe. “We’re up two games to none,” I’ll remind myself as I’m falling asleep! As mentioned in previous posts, I don’t remember that much of ’94. In fact, I don’t remember anything first hand at all. So this experience; this roller coaster of a playoff run is going to be engrained in my head forever more than any other playoffs. When I say roller coaster, well I mean it. Think about the wooden coaster at the PNE; that part where you go up really slowly and then blast down towards the center of the earth…that’s basically what happened in the first round against the Hawks. I won’t go into it, I think you get the picture I’m trying to paint.

And that it is, a painting our team has brushed, a novel this team has penned. But it isn’t over yet. There’s no final page or epilogue to read first. You know what they say about stories: they usually have happy endings!

10 down, 6 to go! Unite Canucks fans, I’m co-driving the bandwagon, GO CANUCKS GO!


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