Vancan Outta The Blue

Very Superstitious
May 4, 2011, 14:04
Filed under: Canucks & NHL, General

So far this post season, my superstitions have served me well.

For instance, I have worn my blue boxers every game except last night. Sure, they boys won last night, but those blue gonch have served honourably.

In addition, my playoff beard has worked marvelous. My rule is you can shave after a loss. I shaved 1 hour before game 1 against Chicago. The Nucks then shut out the Hawks.

I shaved a day after Game 4, and we lost Game 5 the next day. So I didn’t shave after game5, they lost game 6 and I shaved, but not until 1 hour before game 7. Look what happened.

I then shaved last night, 1 hour before puck drop. They won.

So in a dire attempt to kickstart the Sedin twins here is my plan. I am going to switch my living room around. The two main elements, my TV and my couch will switch sides of the living room, so that the TV is facing my Sedins poster and the couch is facing the flag. Current Layout

One last thing. Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 22. My girlfriend gave me my present in the 1st intermission. It was a RK17 Jacket from Ryan Kesler’s clothing line.

I said, I will wear this for the rest of the game. Low and behold, 2 minutes into the 2nd, Kesler scores, and he gets the OT winner, it is my new good luck charm. So maybe this will work too.

Call me crazy….and you’re probably correct!



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