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These Playoffs Have Been One Big Joke

Pinch yourself Vancouver. Last night was not a figment of your imagination. Yes, the Vancouver Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 17 years and 3rd time in franchise history. Let me just be the first, but probably 1000th to say how proud I am of this team. It starts with the core who’s been around for so long but we can also include the players who have come in and played roles. They have progressively matured over seasons and months, and now find themselves 4 steps away from hoisting the holy grail of hockey.

But enough with the mushy stuff. Ya, I’m in love with this team and I cried a bit last night but there’s been a side to these Stanley Cup Playoffs that has been rather comical. If one random person were to come to Vancouver from a non-hockey country and study what has gone on in the Canucks Cup run so far, they would either conclude that the Canucks have battled tons of adversity and have come out on top like they should; or they would say “What’s with all the coverage of people on the exterior of these playoffs?

First there was Vince. Ya, he’s been a thorn in our side the last two seasons, and it was as big a deal to vanquish him as it was the rest of the Blackhawks. Seeing him point and laugh at Bobby Lu as he was pulled that fateful Game 4 night was disgusting and I think all Canucks fans started an un-official boycott of all his movies.

Then there was the emergence of the Green Men in the playoffs. This one is still going as they were in attendance last night but these guys (love em to bits) have received more air time than PJ Stock. There was the Healy fiasco where he called them ridiculous. They are in every damn Canucks montage, video, or tribute out there. Hell, Don Cherry talked about them ON COACH’S CORNER. He shared Healy’s sentiments. And perhaps the most redonculous thing with the Green Men, the NHL told them to stop touching the glass. Really?? Seriously, I love these guys, but you know you can say you’re successful at distracting when the NHL sends you a letter instead of suspending a player on the ice.

Oh and then the car dealership on Kingsway in Vancouver. They had GO CANUCKS GO with the stick in rink logo on their windows. The NHL actually sent them a letter asking them to take it all down due to copyright on the phrase ‘Go Canucks Go.’ So cheekily and awesomely, the dealership took down the C and A so it reads GO _ _NUCKS GO! Pure Gold!

Moving on to Nashville, where we met Mrs. Carrie Underwood. We all know she’s married to Mike Fisher and they showed her face every chance they did. But the best part about Underwood was when the Canucks finally eliminated the Preds and the camera panned to her, and she was BAWLING HER EYES OUT. Precious!

Finally, the twins! No, not Daniel and Henrik. The bazoons, the knockers, the ta-ta’s…ya! A girl actually flashed Ben Eager in Game 2 when he went to the penalty box. Frankly, it was a nice reprieve from the Green Mens’ junk. This girl even had her mug on the front cover of 24 the next day. I bet her parents were so proud. And of course, the obligatory feminists’ point of view came out when female bloggers took to criminalizing her for degrading women. I mean, I get it, but come on, she was having a fun night and you can’t tell me you prefer green packages.

What a ride it has been and what will we see against Boston (my choice) or Tampa Bay? Time will tell, but for now, I’m going to try and let this whole Stanley Cup Finals thing sink in. Maybe our own celebs can get together and do something crazy..Michael Buble, Cory Monteith, Kim Catrall, Steve Nash, Joey Fatone…the last one pains me a little.

It really is hard to believe and no it’s not a dream, it’s a dream come true. Go Canucks Go!

Canucks and that Sinking Feeling
May 19, 2011, 16:06
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There comes a time when something that has recently happened or is happening starts to sink in. Until that moment, it’s kind of like, “Wow, I CAN ride this bicycle!” It’s surreal as they say, because usually it’s something that doesn’t typically take place in everyday life or YOUR everyday life.

The run the Canucks are on right now is starting to sink in. That being said, should the Canucks go on to win the Cup (knock on wood), I don’t think the real fact of what had happened would actually sink in for quite a while. For many Canucks fans, a cup win this season (next month) would cease 40 years of waiting. And hey, I’m pointing out the obvious here BECAUSE the first portion of this run has been completed and now we’re on to phase three or two, or however you choose to look at it.

Last night, just walking around the apartment, I find myself talking TO myself and just saying out loud: “The Vancouver Canucks, my team, this team is only two wins away from a Stanley Cup Final, just two wins, and only six wins away from actually winning the cup!” That is literally what I say to myself because it’s just so hard to believe. “We’re up two games to none,” I’ll remind myself as I’m falling asleep! As mentioned in previous posts, I don’t remember that much of ’94. In fact, I don’t remember anything first hand at all. So this experience; this roller coaster of a playoff run is going to be engrained in my head forever more than any other playoffs. When I say roller coaster, well I mean it. Think about the wooden coaster at the PNE; that part where you go up really slowly and then blast down towards the center of the earth…that’s basically what happened in the first round against the Hawks. I won’t go into it, I think you get the picture I’m trying to paint.

And that it is, a painting our team has brushed, a novel this team has penned. But it isn’t over yet. There’s no final page or epilogue to read first. You know what they say about stories: they usually have happy endings!

10 down, 6 to go! Unite Canucks fans, I’m co-driving the bandwagon, GO CANUCKS GO!

Canucks Crazy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is uncharted territory for not only the Canucks, but a generation of fans. I turned 5 years old during the 1994 Cup Run,  and I don’t remember a thing first hand. All I have learned about Greg Adams, Kirk McLean and Cliff Ronning has been from people who lived that run to the limit.

Well now, for the first time in 17 years, and the first time in my 22 year life I’ll be able to remember, the Canucks are headed to the Western Conference Final. Not since the West Coast Express Era of 2002-03 have I been more excited for this team. Sure that team didn’t get past the 2nd round, but they had talent and they invigorated the fan base like I hadn’t seen before. The team that has evolved from that into what we had two years ago, into what we have now is a glittering masterpiece. Depth, of course, the key to that. The team has talent, strength, speed and incredible goaltending and there’s certainly more than one reason why they have gotten to this point.

It is safe to say that the fans of this team, especially the hard-cores, are on pins and needles waiting for this 3rd round to start tomorrow night. I know I am, and when the puck is finally dropped, the wave of synergy that wipes over this city for the following week or two will be panic inducing. It will cause fans to go crazy and do crazy things to show their love for this team. Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that. Why? Because Vancouver Canucks fans don’t get to experience this every year. We haven’t had opportunities to say that we are one of the top four teams in the NHL at the end of the year. Of course top four is not and never will be good enough, but that’s just it. Our team has a legitimate chance to be the Number One team, the head honchos of the NHL. Why shouldn’t we go nuts?

You tell me!

May 7th VCOB Sports Update
May 7, 2011, 14:08
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I recently gradded from Columbia Academy in Vancouver from their Broadcasting Performing Arts program. This video is an extra long sports update that I will be doing more of to practice until I can get a job in radio. It won’t be in sports right away necessarily, but Sportscasting is what I want to do long term.

PS: IDK why Youtube hates me, it has always done this, but ya, it cut off the very end of my video, maybe 5-6 seconds worth. Anyways, try to enjoy nonetheless.

Very Superstitious
May 4, 2011, 14:04
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So far this post season, my superstitions have served me well.

For instance, I have worn my blue boxers every game except last night. Sure, they boys won last night, but those blue gonch have served honourably.

In addition, my playoff beard has worked marvelous. My rule is you can shave after a loss. I shaved 1 hour before game 1 against Chicago. The Nucks then shut out the Hawks.

I shaved a day after Game 4, and we lost Game 5 the next day. So I didn’t shave after game5, they lost game 6 and I shaved, but not until 1 hour before game 7. Look what happened.

I then shaved last night, 1 hour before puck drop. They won.

So in a dire attempt to kickstart the Sedin twins here is my plan. I am going to switch my living room around. The two main elements, my TV and my couch will switch sides of the living room, so that the TV is facing my Sedins poster and the couch is facing the flag. Current Layout

One last thing. Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 22. My girlfriend gave me my present in the 1st intermission. It was a RK17 Jacket from Ryan Kesler’s clothing line.


I said, I will wear this for the rest of the game. Low and behold, 2 minutes into the 2nd, Kesler scores, and he gets the OT winner, it is my new good luck charm. So maybe this will work too.

Call me crazy….and you’re probably correct!


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