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A New Generation’s Cup Run
April 28, 2011, 12:56
Filed under: Canucks & NHL

Ladies and Gentlemen, get on the dancefloor, it’s Game Day and the Canucks and Preds are about to tango.

I have been a Canucks fan for 21 years and 360 days. If you can do the math, that makes my birthday the day of Game 3 of this round 2 series. Of course nothing would be better than a win, not only on my birthday, but also in the series.

Back in 1994, I turned 5 years old during the Cup run that I have heard so so much about. While yes, I technically existed on this Earth, I unfortunately remember nothing of that run, at least from what went through my very own eyes.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself and as the Canucks are, I as a fan, am taking this 1 game at a time. That being said, these Vancouver Canucks of 2011 should kick the sorry asses of SOB and his fellow SOB’s that hail from “Smashville.” But if the Canucks do end up going on to victory in this Western Conference Semi Final, then this will be new territory for a lot of Canucks fans, including myself.

Kesler is my Bure. Henrik is my Linden. Daniel is my Adams. Ehrhoff is my Lumme. Luongo is my McLean.

I’m not completely sure if those comparisons are accurate in terms of playing styles, but it doesn’t matter, those are the leaders of MY 2011 Canucks. The heroes of old will never be forgotten, but they inspire me to have my own leaders of new.

And congratu-freakin-lations to Alex Burrows on his first child, Victoria, born Wednesday, a day after he scored the goal of…his…life! This team is special, so buckle up your seatbelts, ’cause this bandwagon is set to warpspeed.



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