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Christmas Eve: Canucks Style
April 12, 2011, 21:41
Filed under: Canucks & NHL

Well it’s officially December 24th around the Lower Mainland for all Canucks fans. The playoffs are about to get underway for our team in less than 24 hours time. Who’s excited? You? You? Ya me too!

Today after I got home from school, I further decked out my living room with Canucks stuff. It was already pretty well adorned with Canucks memorabilia but now I’ve taken it up a notch.  See my pics below.

But other than that, I couldn’t be more ready for tomorrow night. I’m going to cook up a nice pizza in the oven which by the way, I have a story about. So last year for the Gold Medal Hockey Game, I ordered a pizza from Domino’s and when I called them, I ordered a Hawaiian, my favourite. As I walked to the Domino’s I thought to myself, Hawaii is in America, so I immediately called them back and changed my order to Canadian. Then team Canada won gold. So, as I peered into the freezer at safeway today at the 2 for $10 pizzas, I chose a Hawaiian and thought again. Barack Obama is Hawaiian on his mother’s side, and he lives in the state of Illinois, home of the Chicago Blackhawks, so I put that Hawaiian back and took out a Canadian once again.

As you can probably tell, I’m very superstitious, which brings me to my next little blurb. Yesterday I called into the TEAM 1040 during B-Mac’s mid day show and shared my superstitions because that’s what the Sonitrol Verified Security Poll Question was yesterday, what are your playoff superstitions and I take part in some all season long. First off, the playoff beard, I can’t last longer than 2 weeks due to the itchiness and irritation so this is my rule, I can only shave after a loss and up to puck drop of the next game. So here’s to winning every series in 5. Other things I do include but are not limited to:

  • -wearing blue boxers every game day
  • -sing O’ Canada while holding my Canadian Flag
  • -not wearing my jersey while eating
  • -having the volume on my tv set to 40 the whole game

I know it may all sound a little crazy, like how could anything I do affect what the players on the ice are going to do or what they are already doing? Well, I’d be crazy if I said you’re wrong to ask that, and I probably already am crazy for doing all those things, but this is why I do it. It’s fun, it adds excitement and lets me put my own little touch on this special playoff run. And I won’t ever stop doing some of these things.

I’m extremely excited for tomorrow night, I know many more are as well, so here’s my prediction, Canucks in 6. As mentioned, see my pictures below.

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Merry Christmas!


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