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A New Generation’s Cup Run
April 28, 2011, 12:56
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Ladies and Gentlemen, get on the dancefloor, it’s Game Day and the Canucks and Preds are about to tango.

I have been a Canucks fan for 21 years and 360 days. If you can do the math, that makes my birthday the day of Game 3 of this round 2 series. Of course nothing would be better than a win, not only on my birthday, but also in the series.

Back in 1994, I turned 5 years old during the Cup run that I have heard so so much about. While yes, I technically existed on this Earth, I unfortunately remember nothing of that run, at least from what went through my very own eyes.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself and as the Canucks are, I as a fan, am taking this 1 game at a time. That being said, these Vancouver Canucks of 2011 should kick the sorry asses of SOB and his fellow SOB’s that hail from “Smashville.” But if the Canucks do end up going on to victory in this Western Conference Semi Final, then this will be new territory for a lot of Canucks fans, including myself.

Kesler is my Bure. Henrik is my Linden. Daniel is my Adams. Ehrhoff is my Lumme. Luongo is my McLean.

I’m not completely sure if those comparisons are accurate in terms of playing styles, but it doesn’t matter, those are the leaders of MY 2011 Canucks. The heroes of old will never be forgotten, but they inspire me to have my own leaders of new.

And congratu-freakin-lations to Alex Burrows on his first child, Victoria, born Wednesday, a day after he scored the goal of…his…life! This team is special, so buckle up your seatbelts, ’cause this bandwagon is set to warpspeed.


A Message For Bandwagoners
April 21, 2011, 22:25
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Resiliency has proven a worthy adjective of this mighty team. In turmoil, they find themselves right now, but they will prevail. Oh yes, they will prevail. Brave are men who are knocked down. Heroic, be the ones who get back up, dust off their shoes, pull up their socks and get back down to business. The Vancouver Canucks will not fall and may all the non-believers out there piss right off! Your putrid disdain for a loss makes me want to hurl. Come Sunday, History Will Be Made! Go Canucks Go!

Lord Stanley, You Are Kind To Us
April 20, 2011, 06:31
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It’s been a week since my last post, which means if I went another day, I would already be going against what I pledged to do at the very least: one blog post a week.

It’s also been 7 days since the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs began and our Vancouver Canucks set off on their quest for hockey’s holy grail.

Needless to say, the first week of the playoffs has been very entertaining. Of course it helps when your team is a heavy favourite, but as a hockey fan, there have been plenty of fantastic moments across the spectrum.

Just look at last night, sure the Canucks lost, but we saw a San Jose team come back from 4 goals down in the 2nd period, to win in overtime. No, I’m not a Sharks fan, but as a hockey fan, that’s exciting. I think it’d be cool to see LA win, not only because I hate San Jose, because I hate LA too, but because it would make for an easier route to the finals for us. We’ll see how LA rebounds tomorrow night.

Then there was game 3 of the Canucks series. This was what I think was the most exciting of our series so far. It wasn’t a rout, there were lots of goals and it essentially came down to the wire to see who was going to win. My sigh of relief when the final buzzer sounded was similar to that of a giant’s. I mean, those games are the most fun to watch. Sure, a beatdown is always good to see, but when it’s tight, and your figuratively, or literally, biting your nails at every pass and shot, those are good times.

And possibly the funniest part of these playoffs so far is the spouting of pukey words out of the mouth of the pot bellied, ranting and raving Bruce Boudreau. It was only a couple months ago he made some comments towards fans regarding their displeasure with the team’s play. I’m paraphrasing but he said something like If you don’t like it, don’t come. Good job Bruce, alienate your fans. But it was just last night that Brucey, Mr. Jack Adams 2008, insulted New York Rangers fans by not only calling MSG basically a piece of sh**, but by saying the fans were the quietest in the league. Now I haven’t been to MSG, and maybe he’s right, but that also wasn’t a good idea. He is just asking for Madison Square Garden to become the second coming of the Roman Coliseum. This guy needs to think twice before he speaks, I guess his mom never taught him that. But why would you provoke the Rangers fans? Tonight, they were chanting “CAN YOU HEAR US?” Can you Bruce? Can you hear them now? Goooood!

It’s all in the dramatic spirit that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and with the Canucks up 3-1 in their series right now, I’m very much looking forward to Lord Stanley bestowing upon us plenty more special Stanley Cup moments. History Will Be Made Canucks fans. History…will…be…made!


Series Breakdown: Canucks vs. Hawks
April 13, 2011, 15:30
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Note: this was taken from my sportscast today at Columbia Academy Broadcasting school in Vancouver, BC


The 11th hour is upon us in Canuck land, and tonight at 7pm, the puck drops on the 2011 NHL Stanley cup playoffs. For the Canucks, this is as big as it will have gotten in the last 3 seasons. The Blackhawks  have defeated the Nucks 2 years running and it’s all because they’ve been in the heads of players like Luongo, and the Sedins. And here Vancouver sits, at a cross roads, be taken down a 3rd time by your archnemesis or conquer the demon that’s destroyed your hopes and dreams for so long. The season series between the two teams had both taking 5 of 8 points including a 7-1 chicago triumph and a 3-0 Roberto Luongo shutout in Chitown. Its going to be a showdown of epic proportions and if the Canucks can exorcise said demons, they’ll be well on their way to their first stanley cup.


Let’s not be hasty here, these 2 teams aren’t completely the same from 1 year ago. The defending Stanley Cup champ Hawks are half the team they were on paper and the Canucks added some key elements. It all started last off season, when chicago unloaded the rough and tumble Dustin Byfuglien. Then they lost Andrew Ladd, Ben Eager and standout goalie Antti niemi. This team is nowhere near as gritty as it once was, but what remains is a solid, talented nucleus of Toews, Kane, Sharp, Hossa, Seabrook and Keith, all of which the Canucks will have to contain. And how about Mike Gillis, he set out last off season, and came into september with a team that is truly built to win. With a core of the Sedins, Burrows, Kesler and Luongo, MG added the missing pieces to the puzzle. Manny Malhotra, Raffi Torres, Keith Ballard and coveted D-man Dan Hamhuis. The Canucks are number 1 in the league for a reason, because they are built to win. The Hawks better be prepared for an onslaught of offense the next week and a half or they’ll be hitting’ the links sooner rather than later. I’ve got the Canucks in 6.



Let’s Get Pumped: It’s Playoff Time Baby
April 12, 2011, 22:03
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A new Canucks playoff tradition from my good friend Parksy! Canucks Playoff Wizard Sticks..very cool for the beer drinker.

Two Canucks pump up vids that will you get you pumped up EVEN MORE than you already are! Both from SJAM99 on youtube…he’s so good at making these. Go Canucks Go!

Christmas Eve: Canucks Style
April 12, 2011, 21:41
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Well it’s officially December 24th around the Lower Mainland for all Canucks fans. The playoffs are about to get underway for our team in less than 24 hours time. Who’s excited? You? You? Ya me too!

Today after I got home from school, I further decked out my living room with Canucks stuff. It was already pretty well adorned with Canucks memorabilia but now I’ve taken it up a notch.  See my pics below.

But other than that, I couldn’t be more ready for tomorrow night. I’m going to cook up a nice pizza in the oven which by the way, I have a story about. So last year for the Gold Medal Hockey Game, I ordered a pizza from Domino’s and when I called them, I ordered a Hawaiian, my favourite. As I walked to the Domino’s I thought to myself, Hawaii is in America, so I immediately called them back and changed my order to Canadian. Then team Canada won gold. So, as I peered into the freezer at safeway today at the 2 for $10 pizzas, I chose a Hawaiian and thought again. Barack Obama is Hawaiian on his mother’s side, and he lives in the state of Illinois, home of the Chicago Blackhawks, so I put that Hawaiian back and took out a Canadian once again.

As you can probably tell, I’m very superstitious, which brings me to my next little blurb. Yesterday I called into the TEAM 1040 during B-Mac’s mid day show and shared my superstitions because that’s what the Sonitrol Verified Security Poll Question was yesterday, what are your playoff superstitions and I take part in some all season long. First off, the playoff beard, I can’t last longer than 2 weeks due to the itchiness and irritation so this is my rule, I can only shave after a loss and up to puck drop of the next game. So here’s to winning every series in 5. Other things I do include but are not limited to:

  • -wearing blue boxers every game day
  • -sing O’ Canada while holding my Canadian Flag
  • -not wearing my jersey while eating
  • -having the volume on my tv set to 40 the whole game

I know it may all sound a little crazy, like how could anything I do affect what the players on the ice are going to do or what they are already doing? Well, I’d be crazy if I said you’re wrong to ask that, and I probably already am crazy for doing all those things, but this is why I do it. It’s fun, it adds excitement and lets me put my own little touch on this special playoff run. And I won’t ever stop doing some of these things.

I’m extremely excited for tomorrow night, I know many more are as well, so here’s my prediction, Canucks in 6. As mentioned, see my pictures below.

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Merry Christmas!

The Playoffs Are Coming..and I am Here!
April 8, 2011, 19:00
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What is up blogosphere?! Welcome to the twitterverse and facebooktopia!

As many of you know, I formerly did a vlog for the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL. I stopped about a year and half ago due to computer problems and life becoming more busy. That being said, the desire to make myself and my opinion more known has flourished as I’ve spent the last 7 months in broadcasting school. I’ll be done in July and long term, I want to be a sportscaster.

Anyways, this is going to be my new blog. I want to eventually start doing Vlogs again, so be patient with me, let me get back into the swing of things and I will do it.

In my blog, here’s what you can expect:

-Canucks Talk

-Whitecaps FC Talk

-BC Lions Talk

-and talk on the city, province and country I love, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I promise to keep politics out of it, and by politics, I mean in our country, and on the internet. I’m not for retaliating to egging on if someone doesn’t like what I think. I’ll rebutt, but I won’t be a butt…if you know what I’m saying,

But honestly, you can expect a lot of Canucks talk because the Canucks are my religion. I live, eat and breathe Vancouver Canucks hockey and this playoff season is shaping up to be a very special one. Perhaps a post season that will change my life, with many other long time Canucks fans. This could be a spring to remember for all ages.

I hope that you enjoy my blog, subscribe, comment, tell your friends about it, I don’t care. In fact, I’m not even sure of WordPress’ full capabilities, but please, feel free to tell me what you think.

Twitter: @vancan19-If you want to follow me on twitter, I would appreciate it and enjoy having twitversations with you!

Youtube: vancan19-This is if you want to watch some of my old vlogs/podcasts! Please enjoy.

We’ll chat soon!

Go Canucks Go!

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